Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh you noticed that, huh?

I snuck a post in yesterday and was all "la dee dah I posted NEVER MIND ABOUT THE LAST 7 MONTHS IT'S FINE".

As I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat about what I've been up to, let me tell it to you.  There have been some big changes on the Funkytown front.  My life is the Funkytown.

Basically, I think I stopped posting at about the time I joined this Wellness Center place.  That sounds a little bit like a cult.  It's not.  I don't think.  Although apparently we are now hugging each other.  And they all "support my progress".  So.  Huh... how about that?

Let's start again.

So I joined a cult back in January/February.

You all know that I was on this Let's Lose Weight kick last year.  And I wasn't doing too bad.  I was going to the gym... ok, I was hanging out on the elliptical... four times a week.  I was watching what I was eating.  And I lost maybe like 9 or 10 pounds on my own.  And then it stopped somewhere during the summer last year.  It just... I dunno... ended.  And I kept up with it, and I was tracking it, and blah blah blah.  But there was no improvement.  That awful, horrible, not much improved number just kept staring at me.  So after the holidays (which was a shining example of gluttony and indulgence) I decided to take a month and not drink any alcohol at all.

Let me explain this thinking.

I'm not saying I'm an alcoholic.  I can function perfectly fine without drinking every day.

Not that I would actually know because I was having a drink or five, four nights a week (at least) for a while.

So you figure you go from maybe 20 drinks a week to none?  And keep eating the same way?  I mean... minus the late night bar munchies... I should drop SEVERAL HUNDRED POUNDS, amirite?


The answer to that question is "No, Connie, you are not right."

It made not one ounce of difference.  In an entire month it changed NOTHING.  And I had to deal with this disappointment SOBER.

Ugh.  I felt like a total failure.

So then my friend Da'vine Joy Randolph (who you might recognize because she was a TONY NOMINATED ACTRESS FOR HER ROLE AS ODA MAY BROWN IN GHOST ON BROADWAY!!)... wait... here... this chick:

... well she suggested that I try out this place called Complete Wellness in Midtown.  I was skeptical but she said that my insurance might cover it all and that jazz.  So I was all "Potentially free massive weight loss and a team of hot professionals?!  Where do I sign up?!"

Oh yeah.  Everybody at this place?  Pretty darn good looking.  It's (not so) shockingly motivating.

So I went in, met with Dr. Scott who recommended that I meet with a nutritionist, work out with a personal trainer (in house) three days a week and get checked out by a chiropractor.  The chiropractor found that my spine was all jacked up, which probably contributed to how I walked which contributed to my shin splints which contributed to my lack of real beneficial exercise.

And so I did all of this.  From February through April.  And I lost...

2 pounds.

Maybe 3.




So Dr. Scott recommended the HCG diet to me.  This is a CRAZY diet, and not for the faint of heart.  Let me explain.  HCG is the human growth hormone found in pregnant women.  In order to get this hormone, they have to harvest it from pregnant lady's urine.  Gross, right?  But I mean... apparently they pee a lot so I would imagine it's pretty easy to get a lot of it.  Anyway.  This hormone is what ensures babies grow nice and healthy, even if the mother isn't eating enough.  It directs the body to use stored body fat to make up for the calories being burned... ya know... while making a human.  So scientists were like "So.  It just burns up all your fat?  I feel like we can market this somehow.... is there a market for this kind of thing?"  And lucky for them, there totally IS a market for that kind of thing!  So they put people on incredibly strict, low calorie diets (500 calories-ish.  Yeah.that approximately covers the number of calories it takes to like, breathe and be awake.) along with daily injections of the hormone (it's little, like next to nothing.  And the needle is tiny like an insulin shot)... for 40 days.  And you can't work out (oh.  So sad.) So I gave it a whirl.



26 pounds GONE in 40 days!

My clothes don't fit me!

Pants are falling off of me!

I lost nearly triple in 40 days that I had in the ENTIRE YEAR before!

So I'm doing it again.  Today's the first day of 500 calories.  I just had hot tomato water with chunks of chicken... a recipe they call Chicken and Tomato Soup.  Whatever.  There are better recipes like really yummy meat loaf, italian wedding soup (without the barley), chili, chicken fingers, "onion rings"... so this was a bit of a misstep.  But knowing that in the next few days I will start to see pounds just melt away from me is SO so exciting!  I'll keep you updated as usual.

What's that?

I DON'T keep you updated ever?


Moving on.

I have decided that, although the idea of owning my own company sounds really quite fabulous, I just don't think it's for me.  Events By Connie will still exist as my own personal tax haven... I mean... side business...


I just don't think that having to look out for my own benefits, 401k, as well as marketing myself AND running my business and financial well being is for me.  I'll keep it around so that when people ask for me to plan something for them I can.  But I think I will keep doing what I am doing, building my experience doing corporate and client events.  I have been lucky enough to plan some client events at my current job.  I'm hoping between this experience, my DC experience and my own personal experience, getting a job doing events for a large corporation won't be impossible.  Time will tell!

I've been considering this for a while, but my friend Ana sort of convinced me to actually go for it on Monday.  I'm going to seek out therapy because dudes... I am MESSED. UP.  So while the idea of paying someone to make me talk about stuff I don't want to talk about sounds just LOVELY (seriously.  PLEASE someone come up with a sarcasm font.) I think it may be a necessary evil for me to move forward and find happiness.  I think I harbor a lot of insecurities and defense mechanisms that keep me somewhat removed from people and relationships.  And being someone that has realized she'd like to get married and have kids... that probably won't work well in my favor, I'm thinking.

Speaking of kids... guess who has a new nephew?!  ME!  (there's a pattern here.  It's all about me.  You should just go ahead and get on board with that now.)  His name is Jaylen Lawrence.  He was born March 31, 2012 and he is an Aries just like his favorite auntie! (That would be me.  Again.)  He is the happiest, cutest, sweetest little bundle of joy I have ever seen in my life and I couldn't be more excited that he's here!  And my sister is doing GREAT with him!  She has gone back to school AND work, and got rid of his dead-beat dad which is all nothing short of several miracles!

So there it is.  A pretty good re-cap of my life.  I'm trying to make this become a regular thing again.  You know how that goes.  But this is day 2 in a row!

...So don't be surprised if you don't hear from me again until at least next week.

Don't be greedy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Afraid of the Republican Party.

For anyone that knows me, it's clear that while I have opinions on hot button issues for this year's election, I try to avoid politics in general conversation.  Living in DC for 2 years did that to me.  I got tired of being asked if I was a D or an R, and so when I registered in NYC I registered "Independent".  I didn't realize the freedom this would give me.  I didn't have to agree with one party or the other if I really didn't agree with them, simply because I was labeled one thing or another.  I actively read and watch and listen and develop my own opinion without the pressure of being party affiliated.  It's wonderful!

In doing all of this, I really assumed that I would find that I was torn between the two parties and would have to really do some soul searching before election day to decide upon which side of the aisle I was standing.  I never thought this would be such an easy decision.

I haven't liked Mitt Romney much from the beginning.  He seems like a bit of a prick, but I was willing to listen to his ideas and ideologies despite that.




Romney Taxes
Do people really think this way?  Are presidential candidates really this backwards and uneducated and corrupt?  What exactly did he do to prepare for this campaign?

My mom and step-dad are voting for Mitt in the election.  They have a sign in their front yard.  I spent the weekend at their house last weekend avoiding looking at it because... it scares me.  My mom says that the most important thing to her is the economy, and she believes that Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, are excellent businessmen who understand how it works and that they will be able to fix everything in a way Obama cannot.

I will not disagree that both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have certainly boosted their own wealth through business.  I will disagree that they will be able to help the American public accomplish the same or even similar success.  My mom says that all of the information about Mitt's money being stashed in tax havens, and his making money by putting American workers out of business and sending jobs over seas are false and that I am brain washed by the media.  Unfortunately, when I sent her a list of about 5 or 6 videos of things that are undeniable truths because they are videos of both the President and Mitt Romney speaking, she refused to watch them because they overwhelmed her.

And I got even more scared.

I started noticing patterns in things Romney was saying.  He was constantly back-pedaling and changing his story, and outright lying to people.  And if the people who support him are anything like my mom, it appears that they aren't fact checking, or looking at the other side at all.

And I know I know... these are very pro-democrat videos.  I get that.  That doesn't make what Romney is saying any less true... or... false as the case may be.

So.  Ok.  Was Obama perfect?  Did he deliver 100% on everything he promised?  No maybe not.  Is he inexperienced?  Sure.  Has he improved things?  Absolutely.  And you really can't deny that, unless you solely listen to Romney and his campaign.

But let's ignore his lying and back-pedaling because really, that's just politicing, right?  That's what EVERYBODY does, right?

You know what else everybody does?  They disclose their financial records.  And not just the bare minimum.  They disclose several years of financial records.  And here's the thing, I don't really care how many billions of dollars this man has.  What I want to know is... is he a criminal?  Is he ethical?  I have to give about 30% of my hard earned income in taxes.  Does Mitt?  Or... does he look out for number 1 (in my opinion, the biggest issue this country currently faces - selfishness) and stash his cash in accounts  so that he doesn't have to be taxed as we all are?  Is that the kind of person I want running my country?  Obama said it best, we just want to make sure we're all playing by the same rules (watch the video at the bottom).  And someone that is hiding things from the American people, especially questionable financial practices at a time when the economy is weighing so heavily on our shoulders, does not a good leader make.  I understand that Romney did what he was legally obligated to do.  But when we're talking about gaining the trust of the American people on such a touchy subject, wouldn't going above and beyond be worth it?  Especially if there really isn't anything to hide?  And don't even get me started on his wife's reaction to this.

Over the weekend my mom jokingly said "oh, is it even ok to be a millionaire anymore?"  and my response was "Of course, as long as you pay the taxes you owe on that money, it's absolutely ok to be a millionaire!"  and my step-dad said "So as long as you share it."  I mean... I don't really look at taxes as sharing.  It's a legal obligation.  And if I didn't pay these taxes, I'd be arrested.  Ever heard of Al Capone?  He did a lot worse things than not paying his taxes, but guess what put him in prison?

Ok, so let's ignore the lying and back-pedaling.  Let's ignore the possibility of killing American companies to outsource jobs and making millions in the process by potentially untaxed funds being housed in foreign tax havens.  That could all be part of the game of running for president, and it doesn't appear that what Romney was doing there was necessary illegal, although perhaps a little unethical.  Maybe a bit questionable on the moral scale.  But when was the last time we met a truly moral politician, right?

What about women's rights?  I'm a woman.  I like my rights.  Obama very clearly supports those rights.  Mitt very clearly doesn't.  His comment about "Planned Parenthood, we're gonna get rid of that." is, again, scary. When I got out of college, I was making next to nothing.  I couldn't afford insurance, and my job had a 1 year probation period before benefits kicked in.  But my health matters to me.  Planned Parenthood was the only way I got tested that year.  And when my results came back abnormal, it was Planned Parenthood doctors who performed the biopsy to make sure I didn't have cervical cancer at 22.  If not for them, I literally could have died.  When I moved to NYC and was basically jobless and completely broke, Planned Parenthood helped me with screenings, having tests and check-ups done and, yes, free birth control.  I used it for just under a year, until I was employed.  I didn't have an abortion.  Planned Parenthood provides more than that.  The idea that Romney would take away something that is so beneficial to so many, simply because they do something that he doesn't like, without any regard for the right to choose that women have earned (and deserve), shows the type of dictatorship he's looking to run.  He wants to repeal Obamacare.  Sorry, but this I don't understand.  No denial for kids with pre-existing conditions?  Free birth control?  By the way... easier access to birth control MIGHT cut down on the number of abortions that you hate so much, Mr. Romney.

Hold the phone.  Fewer Pell Grants?  Higher interest rates on student loans?  I guess things like expensive schooling don't matter as much when you have so much untaxed money lying around.  Who needs kids in this country going and getting educated?  Especially the lower class kids, right Romney?  They get educated and suddenly your attempts to keep them down are in jeopardy!  No wonder you are in favor of Paul Ryan!

And then this happened.

*Connie throws her hands up in the air and exits stage left.*

Here's the thing.  My decision for the election is not being made on one hot button issue.  It's being made on several issues that are extremely important to me and my life, as well as my moral and ethical code.  Can I stand here and say that Obama is perfect?  No, definitely not.  Do I think there might be someone out there that can do better?  I surely do.  But it sure as hell isn't Mitt Romney.  Or anyone that seems to be representing the Republican party right now.

I'm not scared anymore, I'm angry.  There is a very real chance that Americans will vote to have my rights stripped away from me.  My right to choose (that's right, choose.  Either CHOOSE to have an abortion or CHOOSE not to have an abortion.  CHOOSE.).  My right to make medical decisions.  My right to have a baby on my own if that's what I decide.  My ability to educate myself and still be able to stand on my own two feet, rather than being buried in debt.  And it will be because they voted for two men who seem to believe that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  Or if the women are liberals who decided to join the work force, they certainly shouldn't expect to make the same amount of money as their male counterparts.  And just never-you-mind about how he became one of the financial elite.  I'm sure it wasn't one of YOUR family members that Bain Capital put out of business.  I'm sure it wasn't your father's job that was sent to China, only to leave your family without a way to put food on the table, or keep a decent roof over your head, or pay for health insurance.  And by all means, ignore the fact that the man currently in office has made all of that possible for the struggling middle and working class who are bearing the brunt of this Great Recession.  The ones who don't get foreign tax credits, or have millions of dollars in tax havens to cushion this "uncomfortable" time.

So I vote for the slow and steady guy we have in office.  That's where my vote's going.  The guy who has made improvements, although perhaps not in the leaps and bounds he had hoped.  The guy that supports me, and women like me.  The guy who supports students.  The one who believes it isn't right for hard working families to struggle to put food on the table while their neighbors own 7 homes (or too many homes to remember, right Mr. Cheney?).  He believes in something better.  He believes in playing by the same rules.  Although perhaps unattainable.  I'm voting for the guy who believes in a more humble, helpful America.  Someone who wants us to be better, even if it takes a while, rather than to regress.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars are very much not my Superbowl...

Rooney Mara said it best on the Red Carpet during her interview.  As you may or may not know, Rooney's family is very much involved in football, and the stupid interviewer asked her "Is this like your Superbowl?" Well, Rooney smartly responded "No, I don't think about the two in the same sentence".  Well DUH!  They are two very different things!  And as I am a girl who bleeds green all day every day, let the Oscars stand on their own!  The Superbowl is not the Oscars of football season (which would make more sense as the Oscars have been around far longer than the Superbowl). The Oscars are the Oscars, and they are fabulous!!  I don't remember when exactly I really started getting into awards shows.  But I do love love love awards season!!  Now, unlike my last post which was crazy wordy and went on for 78 awards (far far too many!) I am only commenting on the awards I care about in this post :)  Also, I have PICTURES!!  Get excited!  And before you get all legal speaky on me, I just googled them all, so... I consider that public domain.  I didn't take any of these photos and I don't take credit for them.  I just like to share them with you fine people!

First of all, Billy's opening was corny as hell,. but it was fine.  He cheeseballed it up and I dug it.  I actually really enjoyed his hosting.  I loved that he told Jonah Hill that if he didn't win last night that they were serving cupcakes after!  Lol... poor kid.  All of his funny melted away with his chub.  But to be honest, watching how he acts now and how he acted during Superbad... it's not that different.  It was just a lot funnier to see a chubby kid getting all worked up!

Cirque Du Soleil did a very cool performance but it did feel a little bit disjointed from the night.  I think maybe if you were actually there it might have flowed a bit better.  Later in the night they had girls with cigarette boxes handing out candy and popcorn old Hollywood style.  I could see that they were trying to play up that theme which was probably much more evident there than it was to the at-home-viewing audience.  But very cool and I'm dying to go to a show!

Ok, onto the awards!!

I am pretty upset that I haven't actually seen too many of the winners this season.  And actually, not even a solid number of the nominees.  So once my schedule calms itself a bit maybe I'll get on that.

For Achievement in Cinematography, I guessed that Hugo would win, and they did!

I haven't seen this film, but they kept showing a couple of the same clips and now I'm totally into it!  It looks fantastic, so if you have seen it don't ruin it for me!

For Achievement in Art Direction I guess Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but Hugo won out.  

I was definitely surprised that Harry Potter didn't win this award although I haven't seen Hugo.  I just feel like Harry Potter leads the way in this area and has for years.  Maybe I'm biased.

For Costume Design, I guessed that W E would win.  But The Artist's Mark Bridges won out for his old school flapper style.

For Make Up, I again guessed that Harry Potter would win.  So many characters are transformed from their human selves into other worldly creatures.  But The Iron Lady won for transforming Meryl Streep into.. well... the Iron Lady, crooked teeth and all.

And it's true, they did a fabulous job.  Just looking at that pictures it kind of makes you do a double take.  She looks like someone kind of familiar, but on second look... no... you can't quite place her.  Really spectacular work.

So then it was time for foreign film.  I will admit to you that the only foreign film I ever recall actually seeing is Amelie, and only because my friend Eric in college sat me down and made me.  It was ok.  I didn't mind the subtitles.  But that was the extent of my reaction to it.  Sandra Bullock was super awkward on stage presenting this award.  I thought she was going for funny with the whole "My mother spoke German to us at home, so my Mandarin has a German accent" but... I don't think she really was.  And so it was mostly weird  But the Iranian man that won was lovely and his speech was kind of sad to me.  He sounded like a man pleading for a nation to give him a chance even though he was from Iran.  It was strange.  And I felt bad that he feels unwelcome.

For Actress in a Supporting Roll I guessed Octavia Spencer, but this was a really tough call.  All of the nominees deserved this award and are insanely talented.  But MAN am I glad I picked Octavia!

Not only did she win, she got a standing ovation and she had me crying before she even got on stage!  She was so humbled and happy and surprised!  It was an Oscar moment in its purest form and I loved it!!

And then Bradley Cooper came out.  Dear God somebody shave that hideous mustache off his face.  What the crap is that?!  It's terrible.

And again, I don't really do documentaries, but I guessed that To Hell and Back Again would win but Undefeated did.

Then Chris Rock came on.  And I like Chris Rock as a comedian.  I think he's a pretty terrible actor, but a fantastic comedian.  But can somebody get this man a haircut??  What is he trying to pull off?? Please tell me he's not going back to braiding.  That's not cute.

Anyway, his bit about doing animated voices being super easy was hilarious!  "What's the line?  Ok... 'It's hot outside today!' You like that? Ok great... what's the next line? AND THEY GIVE ME A MILLION DOLLARS!!!"  Awesome.

Anyway, the choices for Animated Feature Film weren't great, but I went for Kung Fu Panda 2 because I've heard good things from the kids about it.  Rango won!

So, I watched Rango one night.  I watched it because HELLOOOOOO it's Johnny Depp?  And I was expecting an adorable and witty cartoon about a lizard in the desert.  What I got was a depressing and shockingly adult story of greed, crooked characters and murder.  It is NOT a kids movie at ALL!  And I just don't think an animated movie should win if it's not for kids, ya dig?

Next was actor in a supporting role.  I guessed Christopher Plummer.  And I was right!  He won!

He is the oldest person to ever receive an Oscar at 82 years old.  From the research I've done, I can't see that this wonderful man with a delightful acceptance speech has ever even been nominated for an Oscar before.  Now, if you're saying to yourself that he looks familiar but you just can't place him... let me help you.

YEAH HE'S THAT GUY!!  The guy from the Sound Of Music, one of the greatest movies arguably of all time!  Not even nominated.  Crazytown.  Congratulations, Mr. Plummer.

Next was Original Score which I guessed Hugo would win.  Well I was wrong, and the Artist got this one.
Apparently Ludovic Bource has no formal training.  I took 11 years of private piano lessons, dabbled in the saxophone, cello, violin, and tenor sax, plus played the guitar for 2 weeks in 6th grade music class and I'm pretty sure I couldn't compose music for an entire movie.  So well done you, Ludovic.

For Original Song only had two nominees.  Real in Rio or Man or Muppet.  I guess Real in Rio.  I was wrong.
But these two were fantastic as usual!  And don't you just LOVE Piggy's dress??  Ugh.  So glam.

For Adapted Screen Play I guessed was Hugo.  I was wrong.  It was The Descendants, and I was glad to see it won something.  I like George.  He has this weird way of seeming like Mr. Perfect and the underdog all at once.

Also?  Angelina Jolie gave this award.  She was really pissing me off with her mousy brown hair and her little leg pop.  Really dude?  You're kind of washed up.  Everybody is Team Jennifer, go be a baby collector and hippy and also?  Has she not heard that skinny isn't hot anymore?  Throw some meat on those legs woman! Geez.

For Original Screenplay I guessed Bridesmaids, not because I particularly liked it but because America was so hype over it.  Midnight in Paris won which.... Eh.

My mom hated the movie.  I could take it or leave it.  I didn't think it was great.  But then I felt the same way about Bridesmaids so.  Whatever.

One thing about this... Woody Allen, as usual, was not at the Oscars to accept his award.  For the 3rd time. Woody, although being nominated several bajillion times, has only appeared once.  It was because the Academy specifically called him and asked to attend after the 9/11 attacks in "his" city.  I find all of this incredibly pretentious and uppity.  I did a little research and his reason for not attending is that he feels that art is so subjective that it's not possible to say that one is better or superior to another.  And that it is not good to become dependant upon others' opinions to validate yourself.  I agree with all of this, 100%.  However, these are honors.  Nowhere does the award say "best".  It says that the Academy feels that this movie, film, artist, etc. deserves an honor.  And how disrespectful to just refuse to even show up.  Show up, graciously accept the award, and state in a heartfelt manor that we are all great artists deserving of acknowledgement, and that you appreciate everyone of your colleagues past, present and future.  I feel that it is much more rude to snub everyone and refuse to attend the show.  But what do I know.

I skipped the next 3 categories because... eh.

For Directing, I guessed Martin Scorsese because... I mean come on.  Michel Hazavanicius won for The Artist (are you seeing a trend here??)

Then came my two favorite awards of the night.  Actor and Actress in a leading role.  I like them because they talk about the actor/actress's work over time and not just the year.  How their energy, talent and dedication has transformed generations and lives.  And as much as I hated to... I guessed Jean Dejardin for Best Actor not because I thought he should get it.  I hadn't even HEARD of the Artist before last night, or Jean Dejardin, and my Georgie was a nominee!!  But I just had this feeling....

And he was flustered and a little over the top "YES I ROCK LOOK AT ME I AM FABULOUS!" and it sort of made me cringe.  But he's French so I mean... eh.  Good for him.

And then Actress I guessed Meryl Streep because... It's Meryl!  And I felt like Glenn getting it for playing a man when she's already thisclose to being one anyway wasn't deserving, and any time I see a Meryl movie I adore it.  She's just one of the most talented people on the planet I think.  And I was right!

Someone commented that she has fake modesty.  I don't think she fakes modesty at all.  I think she knows she's fabulous and deserving of everything she gets. It's clear she works hard, always has and always will.  You think it's easy to stay in Hollywood as long as she has?  But the comment that she made at the beginning of her speech to her husband was so heartfelt that I definitely shed a tear.  And she really was lovely.

And last, but certainly not least, Best Picture.  I guessed the Help.  Although it was certainly one of the most talked about movies of the year, it was also, in my opinion, the movie with the most range of emotion, spoke to the most people and in generally was just done really well!  And again, I was wrong.

The Artist won best picture.  I'll probably watch this movie just because I mean... it won SO so much.  And the idea of seeing a silent movie is really interesting to me.  I've seen a number of Charlie Chaplin movies, but none like this.  So it should be interesting.  And maybe seeing it will change my mind about how it seemed to sweep the competition this year!

And can we chat about these ladies??

They rocked these dresses like nobody's business!  You go ladies!

But one of my favorite parts of the night was at the end with the Artist won best picture and the dog came up on stage as they all accepted the award...

Absolutely adorable!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

THIS Post Is Worth Reading!!!

That might be an overstatement.

So I had wanted to write yesterday, but the boss had me doing REAL work.  Like ordering wine.  I'm not kidding.  Anyway, what I had NOT wanted to write about was Valentines Day.  Puke.  What I DO want to write about is the Grammys, etc.  Because there is a lot of serious stuff that has happened, amirite?

In Chronological order:

Whitney Houston died.  And it is sad.  It is really, really sad.  But I don't find myself sad over the fact that she died.  I don't find myself shocked or surprised or upset or angry.  I am sad that the obvious outcome happened.  It happened later than I thought it would, actually.  I am sad that her daughter has to live her life without her mother, because I know I still call my mom every other day at LEAST and I don't even like to imagine a day when she won't be there for me to call.  I am sad that Whitney had the disease called addiction.  I'm sad that she couldn't figure it out.  I might be wrong, and ignorant, and uppity for saying this.  But this is my blog so I'm allowed to.  I blame Whitney for her own death.  I don't blame Bobby.  I don't blame whatever drugs they found in her system.  I blame her.  Why?  Because you can't tell me that Whitney didn't know what she was doing from the beginning.  You can't tell me that she didn't know that she was in terrible shape.  You can't tell me that she didn't have access to the best resources to get herself help.  You can't tell me she didn't have support to get herself right.  If anybody had a shot, Whitney did.  She was selfish.  She was stupid.  And if you want to be devastated by her death, and angry about something, be devastated that she would leave the way she did and be angry that she left the way she did.  In a hotel, alone, doing drugs.  It's such a cliche, and she is better than a cliche.

Chris Brown performed at the Grammys.  People have feelings on this.  I can't say that they are right or wrong. I can't say that I don't agree with both sides.  Going in I didn't really care one way or the other about it.  Then I read this blog post and it got me thinking.  Again, I don't know that I agree with all of her points.  But I certainly don't disagree with all of them either.  What happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna is awful.  And unacceptable.  And... personal.  I know, I know.  They are public figures and this was a very public scandal.  But only because they are public figures.  It was handled in the same way it would have been for a private citizen  She went to the police and submitted a complaint, he pleaded guilty, and he was punished.  And as far as I know, he is following all the rules of his punishment, and hasn't gotten into any more trouble.  I definitely do NOT condone beating a woman. But neither of us were in that car that night and nobody knows what happened between them.  And I know, nothing a woman does makes it ok for a man to beat her the way Rihanna was beaten.  But again, that was personal.  This is his career.  The Grammys are celebrating artists, and terrible person or not, he is a great artist.  There was... let's call it speculation? that members from Ja Rule's Murder Inc. were the ones who shot 50 Cent 9 times, and yet they have performed and received awards.  Is this more or less ok?  Just as a point of argument, I mean.  And what makes it more or less ok?  The fact that a weapon was involved?  The fact that it was men involved?  The fact that they are "gang" type rivals?  I don't know.  I don't think any of it is ok, or acceptable, or excusable.  But I think I still like music from all parties involved.  And I think their artistic talent should be celebrated, even if their personalities don't deserve to be.  And not allowing Chris Brown to perform will not silence his music or keep people from liking him or even idolizing him.  People are crazy like that.  They know what he's done.  Unfortunately we've all been groomed to believe that in this world... if we aren't directly affected, then... we just really don't care.  That's a shame what happened to Rihanna, and good for her for going to the cops.  But it was 3 years ago.  And if she's ok sleeping with him again, why can't we be ok with him performing again?  Just sayin...

So now onto the FUN stuff!  The awards!!

Before the show I printed out a list of the nominees for each award and chose who I thought would win.  I didn't put my guesses on here for 2 reasons.  1, I mean... I haven't written on here in a while?  and 2, I don't like proof anywhere that I was wrong until I'm officially ok with it.  So now that I've seen how many I was right and wrong about, I'm posting!  YAY self confidence fail.  I'll go through each award stating my guess and who actually won.  Get excited!!

1) Record of the Year:
           Guess:  Rolling In The Deep - Adele
          Actual:  Rolling In The Deep - Adele

I WAS RIGHT!   And how great was this girl's performance?!  She rocked it and I just love that she still looks shocked that people actually like her!  Ugh.  Somebody tell me how I become Adele's friend.  My friend Rose sounds like Adele so sometimes I pretend Rose is actually Adele talking.  It's almost the same thing.                                   Ok it's not at all the same thing.  But a girl can dream...

2) Album of the Year:
             Guess: Born This Way - Lady GaGa
            Actual:  21 - Adele

I was Wrong?!  Adele totally cleaned up on the awards this year, and I couldn't believe Gaga didn't win this.  Born This Way was an incredible album... better luck next year Mother Monster!

3) Song Of The Year:
              Guess: Rolling In The Deep - Adele
             Actual: Rolling In The Deep - Adele

I WAS RIGHT!!!This song totally rocked 2011!!

4) Best New Artist:
               Guess: Nicki Minaj
               Actual: Bon Iver

I was Wrong?!  I have the biggest girl crush EVER on Nicki Minaj and was really upset about this.  She's a genius and I think totally adorable.  Need proof?  Watch her Behind The Music, you'll fall in love, seriously!

5) Best Pop Solo Performance:
                 Guess: Firework - Katy Perry
                 Actual: Someone Like You - Adele

I was Wrong?!  I really feel like Katy Perry screams Pop!  Solo!  Performance! Adele, share the love a little bit!

6) Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
                  Guess: Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 & Christine Aguilera
                  Actual: Body And Soul - Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

I was Wrong?!  I mean... .really??  Call me crazy, but I feel like this was more political than real, but... okey dokey then.  And I even like Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse.  And I actually hated the song Moves Like Jagger.  I just.... whatever.

7) Best Pop Instrumental Album
                      Guess: The Road From Memphis - Booker T. Jones
                      Actual: The Road From Memphis - Booker T. Jones

I WAS RIGHT!!!  I just... guessed... actually....

8) Best Pop Vocal Album
                    Guess: 21 - Adele
                    Actual: 21 - Adele

I WAS RIGHT!!! Adele, really?!  This is almost getting boring now!!

9)  Best Dance Recording:
                    Guess: Sunshine - David Guetta & Avicii
                    Actual: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex

I was wrong.  And I'm not surprised.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Brain fart.  I'm definitely not into "dance" music.  Pop, hip-hop, R&B, Rap, that's my spot.  But even I know not to bet against Skrillex this year, even when it comes to David Guetta.

10) Best Dance/ Electronica Album:
                     Guess: Nothing But The Beat - David Guetta
                      Actual: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex

I was wrong.  Just.  See above.  And leave me alone.  I count these 2 as 1 wrong, in case you were wondering.  Because I make the rules around here.

11) Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album:
                       Guess: Duets II - Tony Bennett & Various Artists
                       Actual: Duets II - Tony Bennett & Various Artists

I WAS RIGHT!!! It was a guess but... I mean... the competition was NOT fierce.

12) Best Rock Performance:
                     Guess: The Cave - Mumford & Sons
                     Actual: Walk - Foo Fighters

I was Wrong?! Actually not very surprising.  I don't know rock.  This was a total guess...

13) Best Hard Rock/ Metal Performance
                        Guess: White Limo - Foo Fighters
                        Actual: White Limo - Foo Fighters

I WAS RIGHT!!! I can't take credit for this, It was totally a.... wait... this is my blog.  I can TOTALLY take credit for this correct guess!!

14) Best Rock Song:
                           Guess: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
                           Actual: Walk

I was Wrong?!  Every Teardrop is a GREAT freaking song?!?  Whatever, dude.

15) Best Rock Album:
                             Guess: Rock N. Roll Party Honoring Les Paul - Jeff Beck
                             Actual: Wasting Light - Foo Fighters

I was Wrong?!  Yeah... again... guess....

16) Best Alternative Music Album:
                               Guess: Codes and Keys - Death Cab for Cutie
                               Actual: Bon Iver - Bon Iver

I was Wrong?!  Um.  Actually, Death Cab for Cutie was the only nominee that I had actually heard of, so.... yeah.  And no, I don't plan on expanding my musical horizon.  Thanks.

17) Best R&B Performance:
                                 Guess: Pieces of Me - Ledisi
                                Actual: Is This Love - Corinne Bailey Rae

I was Wrong?!  Ok I had actually never heard of any of these people.  And all of their albums sounded boring.  What happened to the GOOD R&B??

18) Best Traditional R&B Performance:
                                    Guess: Radio Message - R. Kelly
                                    Fool For You - Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona

I was Wrong?!  In what world does Cee Lo Green beat out R. Kelly in a TRADITIONAL R&B Performance?!  I mean... that sentence doesn't even make sense in language at all.  Ugh.

19) Best R&B Song:
                              Guess: Fool For You - Cee Lo Green Etc.
                              Actual: Fool For You - Cee Lo Green Etc.

I WAS RIGHT!!!  Ok now don't judge that I picked this song when I just sort of bashed it for winning.  Dude.  the other nominees... like... really?  BEST R&B songs?! THESE are the options?!  Horrible.

20) Best R&B Album:
                              Guess: F.A.M.E. - Chris Brown
                              Actual: F.A.M.E. - Chris Brown

I WAS RIGHT!!! However?  I'm not certain I would call Chris Brown an R&B artist...   But I will take this point and move forward...

21) Best Rap Performance:
                                   Guess: Otis - Jay-Z & Kanye West
                                   Actual: Otis - Jay-Z & Kanye West

I WAS RIGHT!!! And I hate Kanye but I love me some Jay-Z!  What I hated was that neither of them made the effort to be present at the awards show.  At least Jay-Z has the excuse of being a new daddy.  What's your excuse, 'Ye?

22) Best Rap/Sung Collaboration:
                                     Guess:: All Of The Lights - Kanye Wst, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie
                                     Actual: All Of The Lights - Kanye Wst, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie

I WAS RIGHT!!! Who doesn't remember dance/singing/ blaring this song all year long??  It deserved this win fo' sho', although it had some pretty good competition.

23) Best Rap Song:
                            Guess: I Need A Doctor
                            Actual: All Of The Lights

I was Wrong?!  Mostly I was just hoping to see Eminem.  I love him something fierce!  "I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it really is" come on... you hear it walking down the street... you know you do!

24) Best Rap Album:
                            Guess: Watch The Throne - Jay-Z
                            Actual: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

I was WRONG?!?!?!  Dude really?  Kanye West's solo album won out over his collaboration album with JAY-FREAKING-Z?!?!  In what world?  If I had to be honest, both Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday album and Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV album beat out Kanye.  Who the crap is Kanye west?!  Look at the title, too.  This kid is trying to be all emo.  He's a prep school kid who first wanted to be a rap star gangster, and now he's trying to be emo and deep.  It's like he's going through puberty in his 30s.  Somebody shut him up, please?  Or at least stop giving him awards for the best of anything.

25)Best Country Solo Performance:
                                Guess: Mean - Taylor Swift
                                Actual: Mean - Taylor Swift

I WAS RIGHT!!!  I am always a little embarrassed to admit it, but I actually really like Ms. Swift.  Not all of her songs and not all the time, but I dig her.  And her performance of this song was so cute in her little farm girl get-up!

26) Best Country Duo/ Group Performance:
                                     Guess: Don't You Wanna Stay - Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson
                                     Actual: Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars

I was Wrong, and after seeing both of these performed I TOTALLY get why!  Don't get me wrong, Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson were great.  But the Civil Wars were awesome!!  As in... go google all their songs, download them, memorize their lyrics, figure out if you can see them on tour soon good!  Check this duo out ASAP!

27) Best Country Song:
                                  Guess: Mean - Taylor Swift
                                  Actual: Mean - Taylor Swift

I WAS RIGHT!!!  And you know what I like?  Ever since Kanye's little outburst a few years ago, this lovely lady has consistently won awards.

28) Best Country Album:
                                  Guess: Red River Blue - Blake Shelton
                                  Actual: Own The Night - Lady Antebellum

I was Wrong?!  Yeah I was... But again, Country really isn't my strong suit so... I took a guess.  I do like Lady A sometimes... but not all the time... :)

29) Best New Age Album:
                                  Guess: Gaia - Michael Brant DeMaria
                                  Actual: What's It All About - Pat Metheny

I was Wrong and I fully expected to be... what the crap is New Age?  And how the crap do you figure out what the "best of" New Age is?

30) Best Improvised Jazz Solo:
                                  Guess: All or Nothing At All - Randy Brecker
                                  Actual: 500 Miles High - Chick Corea

I was Wrong... but again... Jazz Solos are not something I rock out to before a night on the town... perhaps I should start but I feel like mostly it would make me want to pour a glass of wine and stay in with Puka.  And that's not gonna get my mom more grandkids anytime soon, so...

31) Best Jazz Vocal Album:
                                   Guess: American Road - Tierney Sutton (Band)
                                   Actual: The Mosaic Project - Terri Lyne Carrington & Various Artists

I was Wrong but this is the part where I started choosing based upon which names I liked best... American Road sounded cool to me.  I pictured a long dusty road with fields on either side and a wire fence lining it while I walk down it in a red and blue plaid shirt, a worn jean skirt and brown cowboy boots.  Maybe a Yankee's cap just to add a little of my style to it.  I think my mind has started to wander....

32) Best Jazz Instrumental Album:
                                   Guess: Timeline - Yellowjackets
                                   Actual: Forever - Corea, Clarke & White

I was Wrong but again... I liked the name Yellowjackets.  Because I like both Yellow Jackets, and also Yellowjackets make me think of summer.  So... yeah...

33) Best large Jazz Ensemble Album:
                                Guess: The Good Feeling - Christian McBride Big Band
                                Actual: The Good Feeling - Christian McBride Big Band

I WAS RIGHT!!! And yes it was a guess but who WOULDN'T pick something with a name like "The Good Feeling"?!

34) Best Gospel /Contemporary Christian Music
                                Guess: Alive (Mary Magdalene) - Natalie Grant
                                Actual: Jesus - Le'Andria Johnson

I was Wrong, but I feel like the title of this one is just a little to obvious, you know what I mean??

35) Best Gospel Song:
                                Guess: Window - Canton Jones
                                Actual: Hello Fear - Kirk Franklin

I was Wrong.... Hello Fear just seems a bit too literal about confronting your fears, feel me?

36) Best Contemporary Christian Music Song:
                                  Guess: Strong Enough - Matthew West
                                  Actual: Window - Canton Jones

I was wrong... but only because I guessed the right song for the wrong category... just my luck!

37) Best Gospel Album:
                                 Guess: Hello Fear - Kirk Franklin
                                 Actual: Hello Fear - Kirk Franklin

I WAS RIGHT!!  I got one right in the Gospel section... WOOO!!

38) Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
                                 Guess: The Great Awakening - Leeland
                                 Actual: And If Our God Is For Us - Chris Tomlin

I was Wrong, but again with the being too obvious.  We get it!  Christian!  God!  Have a little mystery, huh?!?

39) Best Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album:
                                  Guess: Nuestra - La Vida Beheme
                                  Actual: Drama Y Luz - Mana

I was wrong but what I like is the name of this award.  It's just... best Latin.... whatever.  If it's Latin we don't care what type of music.  It's all the same, because it's Latin, you see.  So let's just give them an award to make them feel "included".  Why isn't somebody ranting about THIS I wonder??

40) Best Regional Mexican or Tejano Album:
                                 Guess: Huevos Rancheros - Joan Sebastian
                                 Actual: Bicentenario - Pepe Aguilar

I was wrong, but was I really??  I mean... the album name is Huevos Rancheros... Come on!!  That's winning right there!

41) Best Banda Or Norteno Album:
                                    Guess: Los Tigres Del Norte And Friends - Los Tigres Del Norte
                                    Actual: Los Tigres Del Norte And Friends - Los Tigres Del Norte

I WAS RIGHT!!  I love their name... it's powerful and fun all at the same time so I think that alone makes them worthy of winning the title of best band.

42) Best Tropical Latin Album:
                                      Guess: The Last Mambo: Cachao
                                      Actual: The Last Mambo: Cachao

I WAS RIGHT!!!  I'm thinking I should starting listening to Latin music because apparently I have an eye for winning bands.... amirite?

43) Best Americana Album:
                                 Guess: Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down - Ry Cooder
                                 Actual: Ramble At The Ryman - Levon Helm

I was wrong but I like everything about the album name that I chose AND the artist's name... Ry COODER?!?  BAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I'm 12.

44) Best Bluegrass Album:
                               Guess: Rare Bird Alert - Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Ranger
                              Actual: Paper Airplane - Alison Krauss & Union Station

I was wrong but even just typing out Rare Bird Alert is worth being wrong for!

45) Best Blues Album:
                               Guess: Roadside Attractions - Marcia Ball
                               Actual: Revelator - Tedeschi Trucks Band

I was wrong...But I picked Roadside Attractions because I grew up in Hershey and all over the places were signs for "attractions"... so this just sort of jumped out at me...

46) Best Folk Album:
                         Guess: Ukulele Songs - Eddie Vedder
                         Actual: Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars

I was Wrong?!  Ukulele Songs always win, hands down.  Whatever, this category is a fail.  Your argument is irrelevant.

47) Best Regional Roots Music Album:
                              Guess: Not Just Another Polka - Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra
                              Actual: Rebirth Of New Orleans - Rebirth Brass Band

I was Wrong?! The title of my guess says it itself!  It's not JUST another Polka!!  And Jimmy Sturr owns HIS own orchestra!!

48) Best Raggae Album:
                            Guess: Harlem - Kingston Express Live! - Monty Alexander
                            Actual: Revelation Pt. 1: The Root Of Life

I guess I was wrong, but I mean... to me, my guess had a ! in it AND hellooooo?!?  KINGSTON??  Jamaica??  Raggae??  Hellooooo??

49) Best World Music Album:
                            Guess: Songs From Zulu Farm - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
                            Actual: Tassili - Tinariwen

I was Wrong?!  It's Ladysmith Black Mambazo!  I feel like these people don't even know what world music is.

50) Best Children's Album:
                             Guess: Are We There Yet? - The Papa Hugs Band
                             Actual: All About Bullies... Big And Small - Various Artists

I was wrong, but to be fair, All About Bullies was my second guess, so... I'll give myself half of a point for that one.

51) Best Spoken Word Album:
                              Guess: Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond
                              Actual: If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't) - Betty White

I was Wrong, and for good reason!!  What was I thinking picking the Beatles over Betty White?!?

52) Best Comedy Album:
                                 Guess: Finest Hours - Patton Oswalt
                                 Actual: Hilarious - Louis C.K.

I was wrong because I don't know who Louis C.K. is so clearly he can't be that funny.  Because I know all the funny people.

53) Best Musical Theater Album:
                                   Guess: The Book Of Mormon
                                   Actual: The Book Of Mormon

I WAS RIGHT!!! FINALLY!  Geez.  I was starting to think these people didn't know what talent and/or music was.  Glad to see they're back on track with me.

54) Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media:
                                     Guess: Glee: The Music, Volume 4
                                     Boardwalk Empire: Volume 1

I was wrong.  And I'm sad about that because for some reason I didn't think Boardwalk empire would win for something like their soundtrack.  Although I actually really loved it.  So I picked something too obvious... like when Jesus won best Christian album or whatever.  And now look.  I done messed up.  So sad.

55) Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media:
                                       Guess: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
                                       Actual: The King's Speech

I was wrong, but there were 3 in this category that I thought could have easily won.  These two and Black Swan  So I harbor no resentment for being wrong on this one... yet...

56)Best Song Written For Visual Media:
                                      Guess: So Long (From Winnie The Pooh)
                                      Actual: I See The Light (From Tangled)

I was Wrong?!  Who votes against Zooey Deschanel?!?

57) Best Instrumental Composition:
                                        Guess:Hunting Wabbits 3 (Get Off My Lawn)
                                        Actual: Life In Eleven

I was Wrong?!  LOOK AT THAT TITLE!?!  It's pure genius.

58) Best Instrumental Arrangement:
                                         Guess: Song Without Words
                                        Actual: Rhapsody In Blue

I was WRONG?!  The name of the award is Best Instrumental Arrangement.  I guessed a song that is literally called Song Without Words.  As in "Eh Yo!  I'm An Instrumental Over Here!"  Ugh.

59) Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)
                                       Guess: The Windmills Of Your Mind
                                       Actual: Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)

I was Wrong.  I think it's clear that I apparently don't get instrumental stuff.  Or the collective "they" don't.

60) Best Recording Package:
                                   Guess: Chickenfoot III
                                   Actual: Scenes From The Suburbs

I was Wrong!!  Because I chose this based upon the fact that Chickenfoot III made me think of a 3 footed chicken.

61) Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package:
                                       Guess:  The King Of Limbs
                                      Actual: The Promise; The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story

I was Wrong?!  The King Of LIMBS!?!  BOXed?!?  It's a horror award match made in heaven.... or hell...

62) Best Album Notes:
                                 Guess: The Bang Years 1966-1968
                                 Actual: Hear Me Howling!: Blues, Ballads & Beyond As Recorded By The San Francisco Bay By Chris Strachwitz In The 1960s!

I was Wrong first of all because I made that guess based upon the fact that I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy and also... no wonder they didn't announce this award!  It would have taken the entire freaking show to say the title!

63) Best Historical Album:
                                  Guess: Young Man With The Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley Masters
                                  Actual: Band On The Run (Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Deluxe Edition)

I was Wrong?!? Isn't it time Elvis won something?!  These Beatles kids keep stealing everybody's thunder.

64) Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
                                 Guess: Paper Airplane
                                 Actual: Paper Airplane


65) Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical
                               Guess: The Smeezingtons
                              Actual: Paul Epworth

I was Wrong... and what a boring name.  Paul Epworth.  The Smeezingtons should have won based on that alone.

66) Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical
                             Guess: Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
                             Actual: Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

I WAS RIGHT!!!  This Skrillex kid might really be somebody... :)

67) Best Surround Sound Album:
                              Guess: Kind
                              Actual: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (Super Deluxe Edition)

I was Wrong??  What the crap?  Love songs are good in surround sound?  Bleh.

68) Best Engineered Album, Classical:
                               Guess: Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide
                               Actual: Aldridge: Elmer Gantry

I was wrong but at least somebody with a cool name won... Elmer... lol....

69) Producer Of The Year, Classical:
                             Guess: Judith Sherman
                            Actual: Judith Sherman

I WAS RIGHT!!!  And there is nothing even remotely interesting about this guess.  Except that now when I read her name all I can think about is "P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney"

70) Best Orchestral Performance:
                              Guess: Haydn: Symphonies 104, 88 & 101
                             Actual: Brahms: Symphony No. 4

I was wrong... but I mean, ANYBODY can play just ONE symphony... amirite?

71) Best Opera Recording:
                              Guess: Rautavaara: Kaivos
                             Actual: Adams: Doctor Atomic

I was wrong, but picking out an opera is like picking out a good melon to me.  Although Doctor Atomic does sound kind of bad ass.

72) Best Choral Performance:
                                Guess: Light & Gold
                                Actual: Light & Gold

I WAS RIGHT!!!  But I feel like that's pretty Choral sounding, no?

73) Best Small Ensemble Performance:
                                   Guess: Sound The Bells!
                                   Actual: Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide

Bells ARE part of the Ensemble!  That's a dead give away that they should have won!!

74) Best Classical Instrumental Solo:
                                   Guess: Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2 In C Minor, Op. 18, Rhapsody On a Theme Of Paganini
                                   Actual: Schwantner: Concerto For Percussion & Orchestra

I was Wrong, but I only chose it because Rachmaninov sounds like he's Rock, Man... enough. :)

75) Best Classical Vocal Solo:
                                    Guess: Handel: Cleopatra
                                    Actual: Diva Divo

I was Wrong, but Diva Divo was definitely my second choice... that's a rockin name...

76) The Best Contemporary Classical Composition:
                                    Guess: Ruders, Poul: Piano Concerto No. 2
                                    Actual: Aldridge, Robert: Elmer Gantry

I was Wrong but I only chose Ruders because I played the piano.... so....

77) Best Short Form Music Video:
                                   Guess: Rolling In The Deep: Adele
                                   Actual: Rolling In The Deep: Adele

I WAS RIGHT!!!  She just had to get one more in there didn't she?

78) Best Long Form Music Video:
                                   Guess: I Am... World Tour
                                   Actual: Foo Fighters: Back And Forth

I was wrong but I don't really know what short and long form music videos are...??

I'd like to say that I got most right because I am nothing if not competitive.  But I only got 22 out of 78 categories correct?!  That's crazy town!  Well... I mean I guess if I give myself that half of a point that I threw in there... but still!  That's appalling!

I'd also like to add that due to my new workout/get healthy plan and being sick and work being COMPLETELY INSANE it took me.... however long it's been since the Grammys to get this freaking post done!  But I wanted to finish it before the Oscars this weekend so that it could take me another 3 months to get THAT post done, ya dig??  Ugh.

And lastly.

CHRIS BROWN YOU FREAKING IDIOT!  Here I am DEFENDING you and how "he's not getting into any more trouble and being such a good little boy" and blah blah blah and then you go and steal some girl's cell phone?!  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!  You are a bazillionaire go get your own damn phone and stop stealing!  You're a mess.

Ok I'm off to Philly, I'll see y'all next week or... whenever.  You know how it goes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

In an effort to make up for the fact that I have been completely 100% missing from this blog for well over 2 months, I'd like to do a short summary of what has been happening in Funkytown.  Ready for this?  WOO!





5) Terri got a boyfriend!

6) The Eagles basically sat down in the middle of the field and stopped playing football.  *Next Year*.

7) I got an iPhone... did I tell you this already?

8) I visited Maria, Patty and Tony!

9) I started Bikram Yoga!

10) I went home for my sister's baby shower (It's so close it's almost like it's really happening...)

11) I joined a weight loss clinic!

12) I saw Delta Rae in concert again!

13) The Giants won the Superbowl (this doesn't get an exclamation mark.)

14) My mom and Buzz are coming to visit!

15) My dad, Sharon and Scott are coming to visit!

16) I'm going to visit my Philly people!

17) I was asked out on the street!  And not by a homeless guy!

18) Sanaa of ZH Collection has a new collection coming out!

19) I fought with SO MANY different companies you just wouldn't even believe!

I'm going to work on elaborating on any number of these, but I have this job... so.... But you should know that this post was inspired by Miss K80 herself.  She offered to dig up some of our best email chains to act as a post.  And so just to add a little length to this sad excuse for a post, I give you:  HOW K80 AND I WASTE TIME ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY!

1)  We send each other funny pictures:


 I thought of you when I saw this:

2) We say things like:

"We'll paint you all in gold and you can just stand there like a statue.  It would be AWESOME!!  I'd learn to play the Ukulele.  We'd make a FORTUNE!"

3) We forward each other emails from other friends like:

This will be us!!! Is it too soon to start a countdown??


Did you ever make these paper countdowns to Christmas?

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making one for Palm Beach soon… (Katie)

No. How does that work???

It’s so easy! You have a little loop of paper for each day until the BIG DAY, and you tear off one of the loops each day. Then the chain gets shorter and shorter! AHH!!! (Katie)

Odd. The chain would be so long if we started it now though!!


So what I'm trying to say is, rather than put in the effort to write something coherent and worth while HERE, I spend most of my time bantering with K80 instead.  It's her fault, you can blame her.  :)  Be back soonish... you know how I roll!