Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's another word for New Years Resolutions?

I have been considering starting up a blog for a while.  Friends tell me I have some very interesting stories and I think keeping a log of them might be kind of fun.  Plus, as a new years resolution to myself and my relationship with my boyfriend, I've decided to use this as an outlet for my frustrations, rather than word-vomiting all over him when the frustrations of the world/day come crashing down on me.  Hopefully this will help us pull out of the rough spot we've been in lately... But I digress. 

So I live in New York City, which, of course, I love.  I love how new and old combine here to make a uniquely beautiful grouping of people.  Anything you could possibly want is in this city somewhere!  Oh, you need a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel smothered in nacho cheese, green relish, ketchup, mustard and onions served to you by a basket weaving monk at 3AM on a Tuesday?  We got you.


What is WRONG with this city and it's inability to remove unwanted items from the street?  Generally I would be speaking about garbage or bums, since there is an over abundance of both (especially since Giuliani left.  I wonder what he did with all the bums back then...??).  But today I am talking about snow.  In particular, the melted sludgy snow that can be found in yet undiscovered oceans at the corner of every street.  Where did it all come from?!  Just walking 2 blocks you could end up waist deep in the stuff!  And forget about your shoes.  They're done for.  The snow is out to get them, and the snow always wins.  So put away those cute Mary Jane's.  Any type of open toe is strictly forbidden.  And suede or leather?  You must be crazy!  This basically leaves you with the option of sneaker, or those really attractive Napoleon Dynamite style snow boots.

Now, I ask you.  How am I supposed to effectively show my face in the fashion capital while wearing Napoleon Dynamite boots?  And now do you women that sport cute shoes regardless of weather keep them looking so shiny and new?!  Or is that it?  They are shiny and new for one day and then you wear them out and they are ruined and then you go and buy ANOTHER pair of shiny and new shoes?  That must be frustrating and expensive.  I know I don't have the money for that.  Are you kidding me?  I pay 3 times my parent's mortgage for a shared 1 bedroom apartment in Queens.  Seriously?!

And it's not as though my office makes any type of concession for the weather.  I'm still expected to roll in all business wear and professional looking.  So then I am wearing sneakers (because Napoleon Dynamite boots?  Just.... no.) with the bottoms of my pants tucked inside of them so they don't drag on the ground, as they are tailored for wearing heels with them.  Then I have my "pretty" shoes shoved into my bag which I have to change into at the office, and then I have my soaking wet sneakers sitting under my desk stinking of city sludge all day.  It makes me self conscious.

Anyway, I walked through subway entrances 3 times today to avoid having to cross the street and step in the sludge.  Not sure if the steps were worth it, but my feet are dry and toasty.  And not stinky.  BONUS!  I feel more positive already. :)

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