Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall TV Owns My Life...

I am aware that it's popular to say that you just don't love TV all that much.  That it just doesn't really suck you in.  That you'd MUCH rather be doing something else, up and moving, going to the gym, doing charity work, helping children, rescuing puppies from abandoned buildings... I get it. 

I am the exception to this rule.

I LOVE me some TV.  And this fall lineup?  Is KILLING me!  It's too much!  There's too much scheduling!  Too much planning!  And on top of that, the Netflix that I still haven't canceled since they decided to double the cost continues to drop movies into my mailbox that I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH.  Ugh.

I would be lying if I said that this post wasn't a little selfish.  But I guess that can be said for everything I write.  Either way, I need to break down each day and what show is on so that I can keep my sanity and life together!  And yes I know you didn't ask, nor do you probably care what I think of all of these shows (Good God, there are so many), but if you continue reading you're going to find out anyway.

*Deep Breath*

Gossip Girl 8pm-9pm CW 
I am completely obsessed with this show.  Blair Waldorf makes me happy, and I want to marry Chuck Bass because he's not really as awful as he seems.  Plus, so much of this is filmed near where I live, or where I hang out, or where I work that it makes me feel connected to it.  I just love it!

Heart of Dixie 9pm-10pm CW
I haven't seen this yet, but I have heard good things.  I love Rachel Bilson, but only know her as Summer from the OC, so I am pretty excited to see her in something else.  I'll try to give this a try... sometime...ish...

Football 8pm onward, and this is only if a team in the NFC East is playing, or it's a good match up. 

This is also typically the day that I say to myself "Self, you have been a lazy bum all weekend, or you ate really terribly, or drank your weight in alcohol and you need to get some exercise" So I'll walk home from work or go to the gym (except not at all in the last 2 weeks.  Ugh.) which puts me home around 7:30pm or later anyway. 

Glee 8pm-9pm Fox
I admit I am not a die hard fan.  But everytime I watch this show I love it!  So I'm not sure why it hasn't because a must see.  I LOVE Sue Sylvester.  I only saw the first episode this season so far, (8pm is super early for me to be ready to watch TV) and it was ok.  the music was ok, whatever they have going on with Quinn is weird and not likely, even if she did go through a weird crises with the baby and all.  But in general, I like it.

Last Man Standing 8pm-8:30pm ABC
This is Tim Allen's new show, which doesn't begin airing until October 11th.  However. I do love Tim Allen and miss watching Home Improvement all the time.  The only thing I would love more is if they brought back Jonathan Taylor Thomas for an episode or two because my 5th grade self would jump for freaking joy!

The Middle 8pm-8:30pmABC
This. Is. Awesome.  Such a funny family and I love Patricia Heaton, except that she will always be Deb Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond.  I caught this show last week when the kids told her that their father was above her in the house heirarchy.  AMAZING!  So so cute, but not something I catch every week.

Suburgatory 8:30pm-9pm ABC
Just caught this last week and it's like my own nightmare realized.  It's about a teenage girl and her dad leaving NYC to move to the suburbs because he finds a pack of unopened condoms in her dresser drawer.  The girl is beautiful, but definitely a bit too edgy for the suburbs and she hates it.  She's fantastically sarcastic, and her dad is pleasantly hot, so it makes for a good watch. 

Modern Family 9pm-9:30pmABC
If you don't know what this is about, you're living under a rock.  Last week, Mitchell and Cam went on a liquid diet.  Cam got violent and weepy, Mitchell lost his ever loving mind, and Gloria tried to get the dog to hate everyone, not just her.  It was fantastic.

New Girl 9:30pm-10pm Fox
I love this show.  After the pilot, the character of "Coach" was done away with (he moved on to Happy Endings) and was replaced by Winston.  I still feel like Winston is an outsider, but I'm willing to give him a chance.  Zooey Deschanel is just freaking amazing and goofy and lovable.  I love the other two roommates, Schmidt (who I am fairly certain is gay but nobody is agreeing with me yet.  You'll all see.) and Nick who is pretty much my dream boyfriend until he starts drinking scotch in a photo booth... watch it, you won't be disappointed!

Happy Endings 9:30pm-10pmABC
I've only seen this once, but I liked it.  Not great acting, totally a sitcom.  But the girl Penny just bought her own condo and really feels like she's getting herself together.  But then finds that guys are intimidated by her, and that the condo may be cursed.  She comes home to find like 12 cats inside and she's horrified she's going to end up an old spinster/cat lady.  But with the help of friends she has a great house warming party and they all pull it together.  There's also a bit of exes trying to be friends, newly weds (an interracial couple *GASP*!) and lots of fun situations.  I'll keep you posted on this... (I probably won't.)

Revenge 10pm-11pm ABC
So this has Emily VanCamp as the main character, who played Rebecca on Brothers and Sisters.  This is kind of a dark show (you don't say!  The title certainly didn't give that away... geez my writing has gone down the tubes.) about a girl who learns the truth about her father and their sordid past, and she's back for... wait for it... REVENGE.  I know, who saw that coming?  So she is systematically ruining the peoples' lives who ruined her's and her father's.  Last week she financially ruined a hedge fund guy.  There's also quite a bit of eye candy in this show, and tons of intrigue with unlikely friends... I think this is a keeper.


Project Runway 9pm-10:30pm Lifetime
I forgot to put this in my original post, so I am updating it now.  I can't believe I forgot this!  I am rather annoyed that the show goes from 9 until 10:30, because that just throws off the flow of the other three shows that I MUST watch.  Last night I watched this, then switched over to the next show that was half way DVR'd watched from the beginning, and still missed two shows which I will catch up on... sometime...  Anyway, Project Runway this season is interesting.  I am not as blown away by one particular designer over another as I have been in past years.  I was very ahppy they finally got rid of the designer they did last night because he has been crap the whole way through and I think they kept him on for demographics.  Annoying. 

Grey's Anatomy 9pm-10pmABC
This is one of those shows that I have a loyalty to.  I've watched it since the first season and I'm obsessed.  Although I do feel like they are losing it a little bit and pushing for action, I still love these characters.  And that opening music gets me every time!

Jersey Shore 10pm-11pm MTV
Don't judge me.  I'm obsessed.  I've been watching this for so long that it has completely drawn me in.  I have a huge crush on Vinny and I'd love to be BFFs with Paulie and JWow.  I think Ronnie and Dina are incredibly annoying, and Sammy is just dumb.  Mike has literally lost his mind.  Snookie is a total train wreck.  Put it all together and it's an hour that I refuse to miss each week!

Private Practice 10pm-11pm ABC
And another one that I am loyal to.  I love Addison Montgomerey, and hellloooo?!?!  Taye Diggs is on my 50 inch every week!  You just can't argue with that.  Not a great story line, and seems pretty cyclical.  Charlotte has gotten too nice.  O shocker, Violet is running off again.  And yes we KNOW Addison wants a baby... we get it... my GOD someone just marry this woman and get her preggers!

Usually a night of bad decisions because work provides me with Beer Fridays from 5-6.  So I generally find somebody to meet up with to continue the fun for the rest of the evening.

I am usually out and about... children, puppies... you know....

Sunday: (aka The Bermuda Triangle of TV shows.)
Boardwalk Empire 9pm-10pm HBO
Fantastic show about prohibition in Atlantic City.  I LOVE Mrs. Shroeder played by Kelly MacDonald, and you can't help but root for the corrupt Nucky Thompson played by Steve Buscemi.  The scenary and costumes are spot on perfect, and the excitement of the show and time just draws you in.  I'll never stop watching this as long as it's on.

Desperate Housewives 9pm-10pmABC
Again.  Loyalty.  This is its last season and they are all doing what they do best.  My favorite girl changes from season to season.  Typically I like Gabby and Lynette best.  But they're all so cute and lovable in their own way.  The major conflict this season is that they all helped to cover up the fact that Carlos killed Gabby's abusive step father when he attacked her in their home.  Now they are living with the guilt and doing their best not to let anyone know... OOOO... Suspenseful!

Dexter 9pm-10pm SHO
Incredibly dark show, and not for the faint of heart.  Dexter and his "dark passenger" live a double life of solving and committing crimes.  You can't help but love him and all of his awkwardness.  You don't have to watch the first 5 seasons to understand what's happening now, but I suggest that you do anyway.  The Trinity Killer in season 4 is my absolute favorite.  But they are all good.

Hung 10pm-10:30pm HBO
This is about a highschool gym coach going through a divorce with two high school aged kids.  He just isn't making the money he needs to repair his home that was damaged in a fire, or to take care of his now broken family.  So when someone discovers that he has a certain... gift... oh, I'll just stop beating around the bush.  He prostitutes himself out to get the money.  He has two women fighting for the right to be his pimp.  And of course, things get complicated.  So we'll see how this season goes...

How To Make It In America 10:30pm-11:30pm HBO
This is not a show that I even really knew much about until Monday night at Ana and Josh's house.  They were watching it on demand and I sort of love it!  It's about young 20- or 30-somethings in NYC just trying to make it big.  Maybe I love it because I can relate 100%, and it actually speaks pretty true to what it's like trying to start from scratch in NYC...

PanAm 10pm-11pmABC
I LOVE this show!  I think I really like period shows, and this one is set in the 1960s.  It's all about the PanAm stewardesses and their lives of travel and intrigue and excitement.  I love the looks, and Christina Ricci made the transition to TV from the big screen.  I love her in this role.  It's really fun, and definitely worth a look.

Homeland 10pm-11pm SHO
Still giving this one a try.  Its first episode was last week.  Claire Danes is the main character.  If you've seen the previews, they basically give away the whole first episode.  But pretty good nevertheless.  An American Prisoner of War is found years after he is believed to be dead.  He comes home to a family that barely knows him, and tries to make it work.  Claire Danes' character suspects that this is the man she was informed about being turned, and illegally puts him under surveylance.  I'll give this a few more weeks to see but I liked it so far...

Football 1pm-midnight... but not every week.

So basically this all depends on when the Eagles are playing and what my plans are with other people.  But typically at least 4 hours of my Sunday are taken up with football games.  (This is actually down from last year where it was literally 11 hours straight without stops.)

So there you have it.  My literally impossible fall TV schedule.  At this point I am relying almost entirely on my DVR and On Demand.  I catch some, but not all.  Having this lineup will be helpful, but can we just look at Sunday??  I have three shows starting at 9 on three separate networks.  Then I have Three shows at 10pm.  I CAN'T BE IN THREE PLACES AT ONCE! Wednesday has 3 hours of TV watching and 5 shows, with one being recorded!

And of course all of these will overlap when Shameless, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara and whatever else the networks decide to throw at me for these weird partial seasons while the real shows take their hiatuses until the spring.  What are they bears?  They hibernate through the winter?  THAT'S WHEN I NEED YOU MOST! 

Thank God I have no interest in dating... I don't have time!

**Oh right.  All those pretty pictures were found on Google Images, except for Last Man Standing which I found on Hey look!  I have small print!

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