Thursday, October 13, 2011

My God. How am I not just asleep right now?

I'm not going to lie... I have referred back to my previous post several times over the last week.  If I don't, I will DEFINITELY miss out on a show.  So I guess I'd like to thank myself with boring you with those details??

I'd also like to say, ABC YOU SUCK for getting me totally hooked on New Girl in just 3 episodes, and then cold heartedly taking it away from me in some sort of teaser to return at some point in the future.  UGH! 

Just a few things about this week, because it's been... well... wait for it.

So last weekend Alyssa was in town.  We had an AMAZING weekend!  The weather couldn't have been better!  Although her drive sucked, I didn't have to be part of it, and so I'm not including that in this blog.  Because it's my blog and I can edit as I see fit :)  We did it all!  Friday night we went to what is becoming my local watering hole... sans any trace of water of course.  It's called The BullPen and I have no idea why.  Anyway.  Did that.  Slept in WAY late on Saturday because Lady (Alyssa's adorable puppy) just couldn't calm down all night which kept us awake.  So we got up, got dressed and went and  grabbed a delish meatball sub from Luigi's (my go-to pizzeria) to eat in Central Park.  We found a nice shaded area and enjoyed.  Then we walked through the park.  I feel like we did it really fast, but maybe it's just that time flies when you're having fun!  We saw the boathouse, the lake, the Bethesda Fountain, the Friendship Fountain, the Mall (where movies have been filmed like Brown Sugar, Maid in Manhattan, Real Housewives of New York... that sort of thing...) and headed out of the park.  We stopped by Times Square for a quick photo op and then high tailed it out of that madness!  God I hate that area.  If you come to New York, avoid it.  It's expensive, overly crowded, and mostly retail now which is all over priced.  There are better things you can do with your time in NYC.  Such as.... cabbing up to 61st between 2nd and 3rd!  Know what's there?  Serendipity!  And Dylan's Candy Bar!  Both of which we visited and conquered!  Dylan's Candy Bar is a HUGE candy store that has everything you could want, and is owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter.  It's very cool, and hip with the under 13 crowd.  Then we enjoyed a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate and a "cowards portion" Banana Split of which Alyssa and I could only consume maybe half of... so does that make us double cowards?  That's sad.  Also!  There is an AMAZING boutique next door that I cannot remember the name of.  But if you have a few thousand dollars to drop you should definitely stop in!



I did stop in, and the clothes were just to die for.  They were beautiful and there really wasn't one thing that I wasn't interested in.  Something that is within my budget, but still a splurge, were suede teal or red heels with big bows on the foot strap. Holy lord they were adorable and really added a certain Je ne sais pas ce que... but God I loved them and will probably be going back soon.  And I think I'm getting the teal ones.  $128 and by far the least expensive thing in the store.  But they fit my feet like... well "gloves" seems inappropriate here.  But you get the idea.

That night we headed down to Reservoir Bar in Union Square and visited Miranda.  We had some DELISH burgers and enjoyed some libations.  Then Alyssa fell asleep on the subway home.  Epic.  The city just wears her out I guess!  Got home and crashed!  Sunday we were woken up at 9am by Alyssa's brother who lives in Brooklyn.  He was having some hefty car trouble and needed us to come save him and his dog from the side of the road.  This turned into a couple hour rescue, so we ended up going to a bar on 14th street between 1st and 2nd in the East Village.  Oddly, this pub didn't serve foot (say what now??) but we could bring our own in.  Thank GOD for that little rule because I have discovered a pizzeria that rivals Luigi's.  Actually, Alyssa's brother introduced us, so I can't take all the credit.  It is called Artichoke, and was located directly across the street.  We got a spinach and artichoke pizza pie.  This is not something that I would probably order on my own.  But it has become the thing I crave most in this world. It was just phenomenal.  I am lacking words to describe this pizza.  So I'll stop. But GO THERE.  SERIOUSLY.  They have 3 locations.  Who is surprised there isn't one near me?

We finished watching the game uptown, and got mani/pedis afterwards.  My toes are now electric blue and sparkly.  I just wanted sparkly.  The manicurist suggested I put a base color on first and then put sparklies on top.  OK cool, you can pick the color.  Well ok then, I guess I look like an electric blue kind of girl.  Good to know.  But it is super fun and totally unexpected.  When I changed my shoes at work today I was caught by surprise by it somehow... so fun.

OK, so Alyssa left on Sunday night.  Monday I woke up with SEVERE back pain.  Like, could barely move, bending and walking was awful, and I had no idea how to fix it.  So I trucked along... and then Tuesday was absolutely no better.  I was supposed to walk home from work with Terri and then have a late dinner with Davine.  The walking was definitely not happening. After 4 extra strength Tylenol and no relief, I knew it was bad.  I went home. Sat down on my bed.  bent over and placed my hands on the floor, then laid back and twisted and *POP*!!!!



Was that a good pop?  Or a bad pop? .....????? GOOD OR BAD?!  GOOD OR BAD??!  I sat up slowly and... miracle of all miracles... my back pain was completely gone!  I felt great.  I got up and walked around, I bent down to pick something up... I sat down and stood up again... I felt great!

Davine and I went to Blockhead's for dinner.  She was stressing out and needed some cheap delish drinks.  I just always am in the mood for TexMex!  And guess what everybody?????  Davine has been cast in the Broadway rendition of Ghost!!!!!!!!!  They are still in negotiations, but assuming all goes according to plan, the show will start after the new year!!!  She will be playing the part that Whoopi Goldberg played in the original movie.  I am just so so thrilled and proud of her!  If you are in NYC and get a chance to go to a show, see this one!  Davine and phenomenal!

Last night was my happy hour/dinner at home with Ana.  Ana was having a rough... day? week?  No no, month!  So we made some chili so she could have some comfort food, and drank a bottle and a half of wine and were pretty happy, watching my Wednesday line-up.  By the way?  PLEASE watch last night's Modern Family.  I was almost peeing myself, and laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when Cam and Marshall get in a hit-and-run accident.  Just listen for the words "He's getting away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I looked for the clip but it's not uploaded anywhere yet.  Holy lord it's epic!

So then, Ana finds out that her brother?  From North Carolina?  Is totally in NYC right at that very moment.  And actually was eating dinner at a restaurant right next to my office.  So we met up with him and his colleague after a bottle and a half of wine and shared 2 pitchers of beer at... again... my local watering hole.  The bartender is starting to remember me... which is cool?  I guess..? 

Anyway, super unexpected and such a fun week!  Tonight is dinner at Terri's!  We're having a crock pot meal which just screams fall and I am finally coming to terms with the changing seasons.  I guess.  Why yes I am wearing a tank top under my sweater in case of an extreme change in weather, why do you ask?

This weekend I head back to Hershey for Grandma Haake's wedding.  Just... stay tuned for that.  It's also Papa's 90th birthday party!  WOOP WOOP!  So should be a fun weekend.  Tomorrow night I have tentative plans with some old high school friends to meet at... the local watering hole in Hershey.... WHAT?!  Ugh.  I know, must slow it down.  Anyway, I'll be back with an update on that.

Just a few things from this week not mentioned because it didn't fit in the stories above:

I was verbally assaulted by a man that just MUST be crazy.  He was clearly a white man, and was walking down the street talking loudly about "look at all these miserable white people", and then started commenting on a girl's ass in a loud obnoxious way?  So I just looked at him and said "enough" to which he took as an invitation to tell me to "go back where I came from" which... I mean... I'm American?  And living here in the United States?  So... not sure what he was aiming for.  He also assured me that I wouldn't have said anything to a black man, because if he was black he would have smacked the... poop.... out of me.  Um.  For those people that know me, they know why that's funny.  But at that point I just started laughing at him because there was no where left to go with this and he continue spewing hatred at me and then stormed off.  Okey dokey then.

I am on a hunt for tall boots that fit me.  I have very thick calves and have a TON of trouble with this.  In fact, all of my boots are on the shorter side and scrunch boots because they won't ever fit up my calves.  So I started looking at wide calf boots.  One would assume this would fix all problems?  No.  I suggest you measure your calf.  If your calves are about 13 or 14 inches around?  You're good to go for normal boots.  15 inches require wide calf.  I have 18 inch calves.  Do you know what that means?  WIDE LEG BOOTS DON'T EVEN FIT ME!  So I had to go for EXTRA wide leg.  I was looking at a website.  I just want some sleek, cognac colored boots to wear over skinny jeans and leggings, or to pair with dresses.  Nothing crazy or out there.  Can't find them.  I ordered a pair and they zipped just up to where my calf muscle begins and just....stopped.  So that was out, and I have to return them.  Now, I found another pair that I actually like more and they go from size 7-12.  As the size of the boot gets bigger.... (get this).... THE ACTUAL BOOT GETS BIGGER!  It's a miracle!  They start at 17inches wide at size 7 and go up to 20 inches at size 12.  So I'm thinking these should work right?  Well I might try them. but the reviews say that people looking for a size 8-8.5 with 18 inch calves aren't having much luck.  UGH!  So that search continues.  Let me know if you have any suggestions. 

I guess that's it for now.  I'm going to heat up my leftover chili for lunch :)  Enjoy your weekend!  It's supposed to be beautiful and very fall and lovely!  You know... for people that like that sort of thing...
And it's been better ever since!

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