Friday, February 10, 2012

In an effort to make up for the fact that I have been completely 100% missing from this blog for well over 2 months, I'd like to do a short summary of what has been happening in Funkytown.  Ready for this?  WOO!





5) Terri got a boyfriend!

6) The Eagles basically sat down in the middle of the field and stopped playing football.  *Next Year*.

7) I got an iPhone... did I tell you this already?

8) I visited Maria, Patty and Tony!

9) I started Bikram Yoga!

10) I went home for my sister's baby shower (It's so close it's almost like it's really happening...)

11) I joined a weight loss clinic!

12) I saw Delta Rae in concert again!

13) The Giants won the Superbowl (this doesn't get an exclamation mark.)

14) My mom and Buzz are coming to visit!

15) My dad, Sharon and Scott are coming to visit!

16) I'm going to visit my Philly people!

17) I was asked out on the street!  And not by a homeless guy!

18) Sanaa of ZH Collection has a new collection coming out!

19) I fought with SO MANY different companies you just wouldn't even believe!

I'm going to work on elaborating on any number of these, but I have this job... so.... But you should know that this post was inspired by Miss K80 herself.  She offered to dig up some of our best email chains to act as a post.  And so just to add a little length to this sad excuse for a post, I give you:  HOW K80 AND I WASTE TIME ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY!

1)  We send each other funny pictures:


 I thought of you when I saw this:

2) We say things like:

"We'll paint you all in gold and you can just stand there like a statue.  It would be AWESOME!!  I'd learn to play the Ukulele.  We'd make a FORTUNE!"

3) We forward each other emails from other friends like:

This will be us!!! Is it too soon to start a countdown??


Did you ever make these paper countdowns to Christmas?

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making one for Palm Beach soon… (Katie)

No. How does that work???

It’s so easy! You have a little loop of paper for each day until the BIG DAY, and you tear off one of the loops each day. Then the chain gets shorter and shorter! AHH!!! (Katie)

Odd. The chain would be so long if we started it now though!!


So what I'm trying to say is, rather than put in the effort to write something coherent and worth while HERE, I spend most of my time bantering with K80 instead.  It's her fault, you can blame her.  :)  Be back soonish... you know how I roll!

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