Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adventures in NyQuil Land...

So I promised I'd tell you how that recipe went, right?


The crispy chicken yumminess was a hit, and was even delish next day (although significantly less crispy since the tortilla was heated in the microwave and not stove top.)!  I could have used more chicken because mine were more saucy than chickeny.  But good nonetheless.

Last night?  I did brown sugar glazed salmon.  UGH!  SO SO GOOD!  Next time I will use actual salmon filets.  This time all I had was sliced salmon from trader joes.  But this took me all of maybe 15 minutes.  In a sauce pan I heated 2 tablespoons of butter with a tablespoon of honey and three tablespoons of brown sugar.  Once totally melted, I removed it from the heat and added 1/4 cup of dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons each of soy sauce and olive oil, and one tablespoon of finely ground ginger.  Let the mixture cool.

You are supposed to grill the salmon, but getting out the foreman is annoying so I used a pan on the stove.  I rubbed the salmon with veggie oil and dusted lightly with salt and pepper.  Go sparingly on the salt, as this can very easily become too salty.  Place the salmon in skin-side down (mine didn't have skin, so... just... pick a side any side!) and then I brushed the other side with the glaze.  Flipped, and cooked for probably a total of a minute or two on each side (these were VERY thin slices of salmon).  I served mine with corn and broccoli.  Brown rice would have been yummy yummy too!  This recipe can be found here in case you feel like giving it a whirl.

In other news, I'm drunk on NyQuil today.  Apparently.

So my entire office has been sick repeatedly for a couple of months.  Because nobody can afford to stay home and spare everyone those germs.  So we all come in and hack and sneeze on each other and spread the germy love.  We're just that close.

I had about a 3 week bout with this a few weeks ago.  I threatened everyone's lives when I said "I'm going to the doctor for antibiotics, so you all better get yourselves right before I spend all my money on this medicine only to have you people get me sick again!", but then miraculously I got better the day after I went to the doctor, so I just never went to get the drugs.


Here we are, just a few weeks later and guess who is hacking and sneezing again?

It hit me in just 24 hours.  I was fine, relaxing at home, and then BAM.  Sick.  Typically I take an allergy nasal spray (my doctor says it helps to clear out the sinuses so that you don't get a sinus infection, just FYI) and combine it with about 3 days of DayQuil/NyQuil to feel about 95% better.  Last night was the first night of NyQuil.  I took it at about 11:30 last night which, admittedly, was kind of late.  But I figured I wanted to sleep through the whole night, so if I got up at 7:30, there's the 8 hours they recommend planning for and I'll be good! 

HA, I say to you.

I am barely aware of getting up or dressed this morning.  It's a miracle I'm not here mostly naked with mis-matched shoes.  When I got into the office, I tried to return a phone call.  As I was looking at the number I needed to dial, I found myself staring at the keypad on the phone, kind of confused.  Then I realized I was looking for the (-).  Like.  I wanted to dial 2 1 2 -....  THERE IS NO (-) BUTTON!  Gah.  I hung up the phone and tried again several hours later.

I pounded myself with DayQuil and coffee.  So now that I am very much more aware of my surroundings, I am able to tell you that OMFG MY FEET HURT SO BAD!  I'm wearing adorable red patent leather shoes this morning.  The heels are just not conforming to my feet.  So in order to try to combat the shoes actually slowly scraping off the skin from my achilles tendon, I went to the bathroom to put some band aids on my heels.  I opened each band aid and placed it on my foot.  Aaaaah, much better!  I use the bathroom and go to wash my hands.


In the 30 seconds it took me to go to the bathroom I forgot that I had tossed the band aid packaging into the sink!

I walk over to it and go "Ugh, how gross!  Who tosses their band aid packaging in the sink and doesn't...... oh wait.  Oh right.  Yeah.  NEVERMIND hahaha.... ugh."

I got lost on the 19th floor.  As in, I stepped off the elevator looking for room 7.  A directory was literally right in front of me, and I totally didn't see it.  Took me forever to find room 7.  When I got back to the elevators I saw the directory.  I just rolled my eyes at myself because, really?  What else can you do at that point?

So sad.  I'm a walking mess.  These things happen, though.

In more exciting news, I'm going to get a new iPhone 4S on Thursday! WOOOOOOO!  Also, I think Ana and I might do a bit of Christmas shopping/hot cider/chocolate drinking at the Christmas Tents in Union Square on Thursday!  And on Friday I go back to Hershey for cookie baking day!!  Let's hope I can pull my crap together by then, eh??

So I know you are ALLL just DYING to hear about my Thanksgiving, no??  I know.  No worries.  I plan on doing a big holiday post complete with pictures and whatnot after... um... the holidays?  Duh.  But believe me, it was a blast and a half!

Now I am off to do... whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing.  I see a lot of paper on my desk but none of it seems to be making much sense.  Also lots of notes scribbled on post-its.  And a grocery shopping list.  I think I'll start there....

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