Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mother Nature is on my shit list.

So it's been a pretty rough month up here in the North East part of the country.  Now, I would like to preface this with the fact that, here in NYC?  Yeah we haven't had crap happen.  Nothing was that big of a deal. 


It appears that Mother Nature has it out for my friends and family.  And I don't appreciate that.  AT. ALL.

First it was the earthquake.  Here in New York it was a little rumble, my seat bounced a little bit, and we went on our merry way. 

In DC?  Major damage to historical buildings and monuments, peoples' homes, and roadways.  Lots of power outages... a mess!  But everyone that I know is OK.

Then it was Irene.  This bitch.  Again, here in NYC, nothin.  Other than the city shutting down and it being an inconvenience, it wasn't bad.  Apparently there were some trees down in central park.  The water around the island rose a bit.  But really nothing.

My mom told me that last week people were STILL without power!  Houses were destroyed, power was lost, people were killed.  Still though, my people were OK.

Now Mother Nature has made it personal.

She is dumping so much water on Central Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia area and they can't handle it.  My hometown of Hershey PA is almost completely underwater. 

in the background you can see Hershey Medical Center,
Where I have friends that work and where my sister was

Hersheypark not so happy...

Hersheypark Drive.. .or.. not so much driving actually...

Hersheypark Drive

Pizza Hut... this is by far the most mourned fast food joint I
have ever heard of!


that little schoolhouse is a historical building, and elementary
school aged children dress up and go here for a day each year.
It is also just down the road from the Milton Hershey Mansion
and the original Chocolate Factory.


So I mean... really?  My dad's pool obviously flooded and nearly flooded his house.  It is still raining there and I have no idea when it will stop.  My mom says that she heard they are going to lose their water.  This crazy lady...

Yesterday my mom was told at about 1:30pm that she could leave work to get home before the roads got bad.  She decided to hang out and finish some work, and then couldn't get herself home!  I started seeing Facebook posts that didn't sound like things were going well so I called her to find her in her car with no way home!  She went back to her office and my step dad came and picked her up in their truck.  Even with the F250 they had issues finding a way home.  But they got there.

They've had to bring in helicopters.  Rescue boats.  There was some rumor about the National Guard, but I don't know if that's true.

What's awful?

These two bison were living at ZooAmerica near Hersheypark.  Apparently, even though precautions were made and all other animals were evacuated to higher ground, these bison weren't so lucky.  When the water rose so quickly, they couldn't be moved.  Qualified ZooAmerica employees euthenized the bison when it was clear they couldn't be saved and would most likely suffer and drown.  All other animals are fine.  But I can't help but wonder if there wasn't something else they could do for these animals.  Why were they the only ones that didn't make it out?  I highly doubt anyone had it out for the bison, or didn't care about them.  I'm sure this situation wasn't purposeful.  But still?  It breaks my heart.
So far nobody has been really hurt.  Some friends have had homes flood.  I don't know how long Hershey will take to repair back to this:

Also?  When the crap did it turn into fall?  On Saturday in DC (I still need to upload pictures and things from last weekend, so I'll probably write that up next week) I was sweating it was so hot!  By Tuesday I was in sweaters and leggings... what the crap?  I am not emotionally prepared for fall.  Wasn't it just the beginning of summer yesterday?!  Can't.  Take. It.

And seriously?  If one more natural disaster drops on my friends and family, I'm gonna lose it! 

Mother Nature, consider yourself officially on notice.

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  1. So sad to read the Bison died, how awful.