Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Shit? It has been lost.

Yesterday I told you that if those funds were not in my account by today that I really might just lose my shit?


Well guess what happened.

No, no. 

Just guess.

I'll give you three chances, but you'll probably only need one.

The funds?




The plan for this was to, 1) Lose my shit a little bit.  2) Talk to Flo about what we wanted to do.  3) solve the problem.

Instead, it went like this.

Flo had already called KEY NEW YORK which is the company name I have avoided saying.  But at this point, they have sealed their own fate, as far as I can see.  So yeah.  If you are apartment hunting in NYC, do NOT use Key New York located in Union Square.  No bueno.

OK, so Flo called.... and was immediately berated, yelled at and insulted.  Yeah.  We're so done.

So I called my bank.  The monsters at Key New York kept telling me that it was an issue with my bank (by the way, we use the SAME GODDAMNED BANK) and that I should call them.  So I finally did.  And the sweet, southern belle that helped me said that she suggested talking to the claims department and file a claim.  And so I did. 

I'm telling you.  If you aren't with Bank of America, join solely for their claims department.  They are quick, issue full credits, professional and really some of the sweetest people I have ever talked to over the phone. 

The sweet lady I talked to at the bank put a stop-payment on Key New York so they could never take money from my card again, but could still refund the money if they attempted....


ready for this?...


This is making my eye twitch.

So anyway.  The credit will be in my account as of tomorrow.  I will be calling the better business bureau and reporting them to the Board of Realtors. 

This is the worst situation I have ever been in with Realtors.  I have moved a million times, and never have I had this happen.  Your money is not something to mess with.  In the future I will refuse to put down a deposit of a full month of rent.  A good faith deposit should never be more than $500.  Don't let desperation get in the way of your clear thinking.  Clearly that money had not been given to the management company that we were applying to.  It was kept in an account for Key New York.  And that seems pretty shady to me.  It's also clear that they had no intention of returning that money to us.  Not that they were going to steal it, but they weren't going to refund it to us.

With that being said, I wouldn't change anything else about the way things happened.  I was under no contract with Key New York, so the crap about their feelings being hurt is a bunch of malarkey, and I'll go to whoever I need to so I can find a place to live.  I was never rude, or ignored appointments I made with them.  I tried to communicate with them and work out a compromise, or find another option.  But it's gotten out of control now. 

So that's where that stands.  Awesome.  But taken care of, so... I'm a little more calm now.  Just have to get that last check in and call it a week.   Ugh. 

On other moving fronts, I have to switch ConEd back over to my current landlord, call DirecTv to let them know I'm not allowed to have a satellite dish on my building and so I have to get out of the contract.  I have to cancel my Internet with Time Warner.  I have to schedule movers, which I will have the date of our move-in today by end of business!  I packed up the entire living room, and got a bunch of stuff together to be thrown out.  Tonight I tackle the bedroom, which I can obviously only do so much.  But if I am moving on Saturday, I can just keep out clothes for those few days and pack the rest.  And there's a lot of other stuff in the room besides clothes that I have to go through.  I am also working on getting all of my stuff sold.  I think the couch, coffee table, desk and chair and cat condo are all sold.  The kitchen table is already gone.  So I'm getting there!  Just a few more days of hell and then everything will be oddly calm after a month of unrest!

And after that I will feel very much like the Honey Badger I think...

... What's that?

... You've never seen the Honey Badger video?

Well then here!  Let me help you!

"Honey Badger don't give a shit..."

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