Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday!

Hello!  This is me reporting from a much sunnier place, both literally and figuratively!

I was woken up this morning at about 5:30am due to generators and Kraft Services trucks being set up for something being filmed in my neighborhood today.  You'd think they would give some sort of heads up for stuff like that, what with me sleeping with my windows open and all.  Anyway, I realized 2 things immediately:

1) Puka had somehow shoved me way over to the side of my bed and was taking up 3/4 of my bed and 2 pillows.  She's 9 pounds.  How is that possible?


.... it was there :)

Major rejoicing was happening in my head, but not so much anywhere else because it was  5:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!

So I went back to sleep.

I got up and got ready for work and headed out.  At lunch time I went to the bank where I had the SLOWEST teller ever, but I got the check cut and delivered to the necessary party and got to walk around for my entire lunch hour!  YAY!

Move in day is Saturday, and as you know I have been hard at work packing this week so far.  I went through my clothes last night and got rid of half of my wardrobe.

Holy Heart Palpitations Batman!

But I got through it.  No problem at all.  So other than actually putting clothes in boxes, that room is pretty well taken care of.

The living room is pretty much all set, which is pretty impressive!  All those book snad knick-knacks and movies and whatnot?  Geez!

Tonight is project trash removal and going through the kitchen stuff.  I should do laundry at some point.  That may have to wait until Thursday which is unfortunate.  I'm down to either the really fancy or really old underwear now.  You know what I'm talking about.

And Puka has been doing her part to help out with the packing.  She has actually acquired quite a bit of stuff in our 3 short years together.  So she should help! 

There she is.  She was pooped, ya know... from all of the helping and supervising and whatnot... "no, no, Puk... it's fine.  I don't need that box for anything.  You just relax..."

So beyond that, yesterday was weigh in day.  And as usual I was nervous to go because I hadn't been super careful.  I had a wrap with breaded chicken cutlet in it, I had french fries and onion rings and drinks with the girls that included regular Sprite and Chambord flavored vodka (omagah).  I still tracked, but it wasn't as precise as I have been.  I sort of let loose because Maria was in town.  So I wasn't convinced.

And so we went again with the slowly stepping on the scale, tapping that single pound marker to the right... ending up with...

-.5 pounds!!

Which leaves me evenly at -9 pounds!  To be honest, if I can be that lenient and still lose a little bit that's great!  And I am still on track to be down 10 pounds by the time June 1 rolls around, if not better than that!  So while I'm having a tough time convincing myself that .5 pounds is anything to get excited about, 9 pounds is CERTAINLY something to be excited about!  It's like I lost a whole Puka!

9 pounds is the average weight of someone's ashes after they are cremated... which is a little morbid, so let's move on.

It's the size of a rather large newborn!

The average size of the human head is like 8 pounds, so I've lost more than my head.... which I think speaks volumes... :)

So yay!  And don't forget... my reward after I reach 10 pounds by June 1 is going to be a 30 minute massage!  SOO looking forward to that!  And once all of this moving crap is out of the way I can get back to the gym...

Which reminds me, I have a bunch of phone calls to make.  I got a deal on my gym a year and a half ago ($20 per month for life... AMAZING!), and there is one closer to my new apartment, and more on the way home than before, so I need to switch.  Plus all of the other utility bills to deal with.  Lots to do but so so excited!  Expect some moving pictures, especially of the boxes since they are all liquor boxes from the liquor store downstairs... I really hope I'm not judged for being some sort of alcoholic that has to buy my stuff in bulk...

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll get back in here before Saturday, so just in case, wish me luck on the move!!

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