Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday!

I'm pretty sure my gym thinks that I have a membership solely for use of their scale.  They are happy to take my $29.99 every month for that, but they still think I'm weird for it.

I will get back to the gym at some point.

I swear.

Anyway.  As you've heard pretty much every week since I started this little WLW column thing... I was sure, yet again, that this was the week.  The week I wouldn't lose.  Or I would gain.  Or I'd only lose 1/4 pound.  Or god forbid I'd start a plateau.  UGH!  The worst!  I knew it.  I stripped down as far as I would dare in a new gym with lots of people in the locker room and stepped on the scale.

And yet again I was shocked into bursting pride and happiness.


That makes for a total loss of 14 pounds!  Which is amazing!  In 6 weeks I'm down 14 pounds!  Geez!  That's still just over my 2 pounds per week goal.  My next goal is to have a total of 25 pounds gone by the end of July when we go to Florida.  Which means that I have exactly 7 weeks to lose 11 pounds.  I feel like this won't be a problem, but you never know.  I don't want to get too over-confident.

I just need to get myself into the gym so that I'm toning while I'm losing.  I don't want all that skin hanging off of me, or to still look out of shape once I've lost my total amount I am trying to lose, you know?  So that's something I need to concentrate on again.

I told Maria last night that I felt like somebody was playing a trick on me.  Like every time I go in to weigh myself and see that I've lost, I feel like somebody has tampered with the scale to make me think I've lost, when in fact I haven't.  I don't know why a stranger at the gym would do that to me.  But it seems logical because I just don't feel like I have to try hard this time.

My mom thinks it's because I finally decided that this is something I really want to do.  So thanks to being superficial and a shopaholic, I'm losing weight?  Does that seem a little too.... easy?.... to anybody else?  I don't know.  I'll take it and keep doing what I'm doing.  And just hope and pray that doesn't flake out on me at some point.  Because so far it's been a champ! 

OK, I'm sorry to cut this short but work just keeps getting so busy and yet again today I'm the only assistant in the office because, really, in 6 months, being completely alone in an office of 25 needy execs for a total of about a month and a half is COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE!  Grrrr!!

OK back to work.  Have a nice heatwave!

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