Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Ugh.  Kids.  Crazy week yet again.  I'm pooped.

But I have stories!

OK, so you know that I went home on Friday to Hershey, PA for the RELAY FOR LIFE walk etc.  So here's what happened.

Uneventful train ride home.

Hung out and walked a few laps at the relay for life.  Enjoyed a snocone because it was HOTTER THAN SATAN'S TOENAILS out there!  Got Subway for dinner and I found out that... my mom?  Never had Subway before.  I'm not entirely clear how that's possible, but... I was shocked.

They had a bunch of "themed" laps, my favorite being the Mr. Relay lap.  One guy from each participating team dressed up like a woman and created "her" own persona including favorite places to shop and hobbies.  My favorite was probably the girl scout, but the whole thing was hilarious!  After shakin what their mamas didn't give them, they took a lap to try to collect as much money as they could.  I suggested that next year somebody do a water gun/ water balloon lap because, did I mention?  HOTTER THAN THE BLAZES OUT THERE! 

My mom has gotten slightly lax about the whole relay thing, and let us go home to sleep.  And who am I to argue against that??  So I went and thank GOD we did that because HOLY HUGE STORM BATMAN!  It got so bad that they had to move the relay indoors anyway.  I didn't even notice it thanks to being all snuggled in bed.  We got up the next day and went back to the relay.  We heard a guy talk about his battle(s) with cancer (he was diagnosed 9 different times, and had some ridiculously large number of very invasive surgeries and found out just months ago that he has it AGAIN.  Ugh.), and we walked a little more. 

Eventually we packed up and headed home to get ready for my cousin's graduation party.  By the way:  Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2011!  My baby brother is included in that group and I just couldn't be prouder!

So we hung out at my cousin's for a while where there was TONS of food and Apples to Apples which I played for the first time without it being a drinking game....


Then I had a minor heart attack.

OK, not really.

We had to drop my step-dad off at his class reunion since he is on the committee and he had to set up.  The DJ was.... well... DJing the reunion.  So we pull into the lot and I see his car.  Just knowing we were within probably 50 feet of each other had my heart racing over the potential drama of it all.  I threw the stuff that the DJ had left and ACTUALLY wanted back at Buzz, dove back into the car and my mom and I sped off. 


Crisis averted.

I'm ridiculous.

So no DJ sighting thank GOD!  My mom told me that she cried when she said goodbye to him after the reunion.  My mom gets attached.  You want to feel unconditional love?  Come meet the Vicki.  She'll love you forever no matter what.


Even if you screw over her daughter.



Then Maria came to visit :)  YAAAAAY MARIA!

And then my "diet" went to crap.

We made pizza in the oven... and added Philly cheesesteak meat to the top of it.  Super delish.  Super not OK for somebody/people looking to lose weight...

So then we got ready to go.  The original plan had been to meet up with Dustin that night at the local bar (Shakey's... or.... now I guess it's Overtime.  But it's like how the Harrisburg mall will ALWAYS be the Harrisburg East Mall to the locals.  I digress...).  Basically, it appears that Dustin met up with some other high school friends that don't have much of an interest in seeing Maria or myself which is just FINE.  But Dustin showed up to dinner drunk (who needs a DD to get to dinner?  Dustin does.), and then just got drunker as the night went on.  So he didn't have a way.  And of course the people he was with were completely unwilling to meet at the middle point (SHAKEY'S) so we didn't see him. 

Everybody has priorities.

Maria's was getting me drunk.

Ya know.  Just in case we go home to find a DJ raiding my mother's fridge or snoring in my mom's guest room. 

She either wanted me to be so drunk that I didn't notice it at all, or I started some sort of odd pillow fight with him.  The details were fuzzy...

... as was my vision.


The night ended up being SUPER fun and exactly what I've been needing the last few weeks.  My tab was $10 (mostly because the situation I'm not telling you about that was next to me bought me at least 4 shots and maybe a long island or two?  Fuzzy.)

Maria tried to get me to take a body shot off of said situation.  I did not.  He did. 

... Still not telling you about situation....

... Don't worry!  I went home without the situation (which really wouldn't have been bad if I had, but I'm a good girl... from central PA.... we... don't... do.... that... sort............. BAHAHAHA I couldn't even get that out without laughing.)

But I was not sober.  I vaguely remember Sheetz.  I do not remember the MTO I got.  I do recall seeing CARLI!!! I do recall crying over a friend we lost this year.  I do recall a fun moment in the rain in the parking lot.  I do not recall the ride home.  I do recall Maria waking me up in the morning to say goodbye.  I do recall my mom coming into my room at 12 saying "um.  Get up.  Shoe shopping.  Now."

And so I got up :)  We went shoe shopping!  It's not possible or OK to leave a shoe sale that is buy 1 get 2 free.  It is also not OK to assume you are getting high quality shoes.  It's kind of like the Forever21 of shoe shopping.

And then I took a nap.  And then I came home.

This week... has not been busy at work.  I was incredibly tempted to lie to you there and say YES, in fact, we WERE super busy, why do you ask?  Oh why yes that IS why I haven't posted.  The truth?  Pinterest totally sucked me in over the last 2 days.  Shameful.

But I really wasn't expecting much on the weight loss front this week.  Really not at all.  I didn't gym.  I drank a lifetime supply of booze.  I had Philly cheesesteak pizza for the love of Pete.  (Pete was the bartender whom I have known since I was 5, in case you were wondering). 

... and I was right not to expect anything.

I didn't lose anything.


I didn't gain a darn thing either which is GREAT!  So I splurged this week.  I didn't gym, I went out, I had a good time.  No big deal.  I jumped right back in the saddle after Saturday night and I'm doing great.  This DOES put the pressure on for Florida because now I for real have to lose 2 pounds per week to get those last 15 pounds.  But I think I can do it.  I am determined not to stop!  I can DO IT! 

So we're holding steady at -14 pounds which is something to be proud of, you know? 

I've noticed I get a lot of readers on these posts, so if you are working on your own weight loss goal, or have any encouraging thoughts please let me know!  I could definitely use them!

OK, onward and upward.... I'm off to the gym!

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