Monday, June 6, 2011




Hi there...

It's me again.

I'd like to sincerely apologize for....


all that CRAZY that exploded over here in the last couple weeks.

I won't say it was unnecessary or out of line.

Because seriously?  Did you SEE the giant steaming piles of crap I was dealing with?!

But I feel like we could use a little happy around here.

Are you ready for some happy?

Can you HANDLE the happy?

Let's start with Friday and that damned couch that I used to love and adore so much. I was fo shiz in love with that couch.  My friends were in love with that couch.  I wanted to have that couch forever and ever and ever. 

By Friday I couldn't even stand looking at it anymore.

Just get it OUT of my HOUSE!  As you know we tried (unsuccessfully... which is being kind about it) to remove it on Thursday with no luck.  On Friday I got to the apartment at around 6:30, and the guys that really really wanted the big comfy free couch showed up.  For literally an hour and a half they tried to figure out how to get the couch out the door and couldn't.  They were so close!  Literally inches away from getting it out the door.  But kids.  It wasn't happening.  And suddenly numbers like $200 to dispose of the couch were floating around my head causing panic and cold sweats.  We started looking for another escape route. 

Out a window?

Okey dokey.

That's right, people.  The movers took out my kitchen window and got it out that way.  Like. Within 5 minutes.  Weeks of stress and panic and heart attacks.... and it took 5 minutes.  Ridiculous. 

This is the mover's truck...

This is me sitting in the mover's truck.  Sorry it's
a little blurry.  An ambulance came around the corner
and flipped on it's siren at this exact moment.  Scared
the crap outta me.

But it's out!  And it's done!  And I'm free of the black mark on my new shiny life!

I turned in my final key, took the last bit of trash out and left!  I never thought I'd be one of those people that, once they moved to Manhattan, refused to go back to the outer boroughs. 

I am totally one of those people that's never going back to the boroughs.  Not because I feel superior to them but because my GOD the heinousness that has been moving out of that apartment!

This also means that I am totally free and clear of all the crap surrounding the DJ...

... except for this weekend which I'll tell you about after it happens because it might not even actually happen.

... and returning the security deposit. 

But really, those are minor, minor things.

So my new apartment is all set up.  Just going through a few more things.  Alice played the part of boyfriend yesterday and helped me hang up my artwork.  Except for the mirror.

Bastard mirror.

The same one that the stupid movers left at my apartment in Queens and I was forced to take a cab back to Manhattan to get it to the new place.


And now it won't hang because it appears that there's some sort of cement wall behind one of my walls.  Which is good in case there's... say... a fire.  But for hanging a mirror? Not so much.  So we're still working on that.

But my room is so pretty!  And roomy!  And lovely in general! 

We went grocery shopping so now the kitchen is pretty much all set up.

I also went and got Puka's food and 20 pounds of cat litter.  Because I don't know if you're aware, but that's the SMALLEST amount litter comes in.  The DJ used to just get it from CostCo and I just let him deal with the 40 pound bag.  Now that I have to deal with it myself I have a whole new respect for... him... ugh.  Anyway.  I carried the litter in my bookbag on my bag for an hour.  I told Ana that, for the last time, NO there are no pet stores closer to my house!  I have to come to Union Square to get it. 




Ya know.  Right around the corner from my house.  Like, literally a 30 second walk.  That I somehow never saw before?  And which I wouldn't allow myself to look into once I was passing it just out of anger. 

But Puka's all taken care of!

And it's a good situation.  I'm incredibly happy.  I had a fantastic weekend complete with going out to fun dive bars and lounges with my people finally.  And I can honestly say I haven't been this stress free and happy in a really long time.

Also?  We have an amazing pizzeria across the street called Luigi's.  This could be heaven.  It could also be the death of me.  I'll keep you posted.  Oh, and on the other corner?  A bagel place.  That Flo (the new roommate.  Which I will now stop describing as the new roommate because I've been saying her name for too long for you to not be following along GEEZ!) says she has eaten at like a million times.  And it's good.  Like.  Really good. 

I have yet to find a deli.

We did find our laundromat which is pretty reasonably priced and 24 hours, so that's kind of great. 

So all is good with the world.  I feel physically lighter from the inside out. 

and Puka's warming up!  Finally!

This is where I found Puka when I was getting ready
to go out on Saturday night.  This is Flo's bed, not mine.
Little bugger has made herself right at home.
So life is good.  And you should prepare yourself for a brand new Connie.  Until, ya know, the next stressful thing happens and I'll be right back where I was.  So enjoy this while you can!

Funk Out!

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