Wednesday, November 9, 2011

bouncing.. back? bouncing... checks? follow the bouncing ball?

OK, I'm coming back around.  Last week was frustrating, and the last couple days have been super stressful and LONG at work.  But somehow I'm feeling a little bit better. 

I mean... I've still lost most of my faith in humanity, but you know what I'm saying... :)

So, exciting news!  There are PEOPLE!  And they're coming HERE!  And they aren't staying with me which means if I don't actually get around to picking up my room it's FINE!

Katie and her boyfriend Bill are headed this way for the weekend, but their debilitating cat allergies are keeping them away from my place.  But I get to see them, and that's exciting!

Puka says:  This was my evil plan all along...

Also, Bean-Meister-Flex will be present in the city!

So YAY for visitors!

What's not so YAY?

I just don't understand why people keep taking my money??

Money was going to be a little tight for these visits anyway because it's the beginning of the month.  After I pay my rent, I'm left with about $180 to pay a few small bills, get some groceries and survive the city on.  I have cut a bunch of stuff out of my budget to try to pad this at the beginning of the month.  I got rid of NetFlix because, seriously?  What a rip off!  $17 now for movies that are older than what I can get on OnDemand that I'm already paying for on my cable bill?  Yeah... I'm good.  I also cut out the gym and plan on getting a little work-out gear for at home workouts. 

So.  Um.  Why then did I still receive a charge on my card for... THE GYM AND NETFLIX?!?!

OK, Netflix "apparently" didn't "receive" the movie that I had borrowed from them.  Which.  Yeah right, dudes.  Whatever.  And it was Bridget Jones' Diary.  That movie is SEVERAL years old.  I highly doubt anyone paid anywhere close to $15 for that movie.  You go ahead and give me my money back, jerk faces.

The gym?  Well the gym was just being one giant bitch.  OK, here's how this went.  Around October 25th I sent an email to the only person that works at my gym who I have contact information for.  Her name is Arlene and she sends out the promotional emails each month.  She is also who I called when I transferred my membership from one location to the next.  She is ALSO the person that emailed me when I forgot to update my credit card information and my payment wasn't going through.  So one would imagine that this is who should be contacted to cancel a membership, no?

Good. God.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

I email Arlene just to ask if it was possible to freeze my account, how long I could do that for, and how much something like that might cost if anything.  Arlene informs me that I am able to freeze my account for a total of 3 months per year, and that there was a $9.95 charge each month for that service.  I decided it wasn't worth it to me to pay for something I couldn't use, just to see if I would miss it.  I haven't been to the gym in a month.  It's pretty safe to say I'm not lying in the fetal position each night crying out "GYM!  WHEREFORE ART THOU, GYM?!"  So yeah.  I told her thanks for the information, but we can go ahead an cancel my membership, and to please let me know what I needed to do, if anything further, to cancel. 

I hear nothing for a few days, and assume that it is something on her end that she had to do, and that she has no interest in continuing chatting with somebody that isn't paying her salary anymore.  Fine.

Except that on October 28th, a charge for $29.99 has been taken out of my account by Boom Fitness.

Um.  Que? 

So I email Arlene and say "Hi Arlene.  I had emailed last week saying that I'd like to cancel my membership, and just saw that there was a charge placed to my account for November's membership.  Just wondering if we can fix this and I can be reimbursed.  Let me know if there is anything I need to do."

I get this response:  "We do not accept cancellations via email.  I don't know where you sent your letter, but it was never received here.  You are responsible for any charges 30 days after the post-marked date on your letter."

Whoa, dude.  Seriously?

What letter??

30 days AFTER the post-marked date on the letter??  Then I need to send this letter, whatever it is, like... today!  I don't want to be charged for NEXT month too!

So I respond "Arlene,  I sent you an email 4 days ago stating that I wanted to cancel and to let me know what I needed to do, to which you never responded.  Could you please send me a list of information that needs to be included in the letter, as well as the address I need to send it to so that this isn't a problem for next month?"

This was on a Friday.  Monday was October 31st, and the very last day that I could send out the letter to ensure that I wasn't charged unnecessarily again.  I get this email:

"Connie, I have already sent you the cancellation instructions."

Whoa, bitch.  Do NOT play THIS game with me, because I will win! 

I send her an email back and say "Arlene, if you sent an email with the information I requested (what is to be included and the address), I unfortunately never received it.  Would you mind re-sending this information?"

Then I set to looking at the website which is less than helpful.  I have to download a copy of their .pdf class schedule just to find the phone number.  I call, get the number of the company that handles cancellations (because apparently they outsource this particular office function.  Stupid.) and call.  I find out that I have to write a letter with my membership number, which I don't have, to an address in Arkansas, where I don't live, in order to cancel a gym membership, which I don't use.

Oh, and by the way.  I HAVE to send it certified mail, which I will have to pay for.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Whatever.  I write up the letter, I send it out that day via certified mail, and am golden.

I hear from Arlene on November 2nd.  She sends me all of the information I requested.


Had I waited for her response, I would have been liable to pay for another month of membership because December 1st would definitely fall within 30 days of November 1st. 

I didn't respond to her.

Then we had our staff conference here this week.  So I had to do a bunch of overtime and running around.  Which is great because it means I can expense cabs and food and whatnot.  But that also means that I have to front the money.  So with $180 to survive for 2 weeks, people stole $45, and then I spent $51 on expenses... I'm down to $2.85.  Which... yeah that does nothing for me.  What's super upsetting is that between reimbursements I will be receiving in the next couple days I will be getting $77.  If I don't receive this money by Friday though?  I'm sca-rude.  And I refuse to keep charging to my credit card because I never pay over my "budgeted" amount and I just feel like I'm NEVER gonna pay this stupid thing off, GAH!

But who knows.  Maybe it will all go through and all will be good.  Just, keep your fingers crossed for me, yeah? 

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