Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Randomness on a Tuesday... Hey! Just like the Didactic Pirate!

A few random thoughts to brighten your day.

1) About 36 hours ago I made the most delish Antipasta dish ever to grace the earth's surface.  It is a delectable concoction of green olives, button mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, cheese (it calls for swiss but I don't like swiss.  So I used provolone.  Something mild along those lines works) and hard salami.  I cut everything up, but leave it mostly chunky and add some vinegar, ground mustard, salt, pepper, oregano and basil.  Use crackers to shovel the heaven-in-a-bowl into your mouth.  I use club crackers, the DJ feels that it requires something a little fancier like water crackers or matzo.  Whatever.  The cracker is hardly the most important part.  Anyway, it makes a pretty good amount, so it's good for parties.  I usually make it because I'm craving it, and I can eat it for lunch and dinner repeatedly and not feel too bad because it's mostly a healthy dish, beyond the sodium (which is palpable, but yummy yummy good).  I just finished the last bit of it for lunch.  It filled the largest pyrex container I own 36 hours ago.  The last time I made this I think I lived by myself, and thus it lasted a week for me.  The DJ... he's a piggy.

2) I have come down with a cold.  Nothing major, just a runny nose, a little coughing/sore throat.  Not enough to keep me home from work.  But since at the moment I am temping and have no health insurance to speak of, I don't want this little cold to escalate.  A lot of times when I get sick in the middle of winter, my little colds turn bronchial and then I need antibiotics.  So unless I can hold off on antibiotics until the beginning of March, I need to be sure this goes no further.  So I tried going to the gym last night and sweating it out.  The DJ made tacos for dinner because I said I needed something spicy (they turned out more salty than spicy, and I'm starting to get concerned about my intake of salt over the last 2 days.) to try to burn the germs out of me.  My world for the last 24 hours has been filled with tissues and hand sanitizer and chlorox wipes for my desk.  I'm feeling a little better, but that leads me to number 3...

3) We are officially into the second week of living with the most recent ex.  When I tell you I have a cold, and a head cold at that, I'm not kidding.  I don't get sick easily.  So I fell asleep on the couch last night.  He could have totally left me right where I was, and it would have been no problem.  I guess at some point, the DJ turned off the lights in the living room but kept the tv volume on level SCREAMY.  At 2am he found something so funny on whatever adult cartoon was on at the moment that he BURSTS out laughing, waking me up.  No biggy, I can still roll over and go back to sleep.  But instead he starts poking at the bottom of my foot and kicking my foot to tell me it was 2am and I should really go to bed.  Am I not already asleep?  Anyway... I get up, and head into the bedroom.  He follows.  Now I'm awake.  Because not only was I rudely awakened, I got up and moved around even just for 10 seconds.  Of course, the DJ lays down and is knocked out in about 3 seconds, snoring away.  I ask him to roll over, he doesn't.  snoring continues.

I ask him to roll over again.  He doesn't.  Snoring continues.

This continues for 30 minutes.

And when I say snoring, I don't mean light quiet inhaling of air.  I mean, rattle the pictures on the walls, shake the foundation of the house snoring.  Generally I can get through it.  I either fall asleep before him, drown myself in wine before bed, or put one ear to the pillow and my arm over my other ear and fall asleep.  This wasn't happening last night.  So I get up, go get a drink of water.  Hit the bathroom.  Calm myself down.  I return to bed, and try to sleep.  15 more minutes of snoring, and I can't take it.  I nudge him again and say "you are snoring really loud.  Please reposition yourself."  You know what his response is? 

"You were snoring on the couch, hun."

OK, There are so many things wrong with this statement.  First, I was probably snoring because I have a head cold (as previously stated) and wasn't positioned correctly.  What's your excuse?  Second, there's no way my snoring could rival what I'm dealing with right now.  Third, why, I beg you, is it my responsibility to be aware of something bothering you when 1) I was unconscious. 2) You didn't say anything to me at all at the time. and 3) It in no way kept you from sleeping OR laughing uproarously at the TV until 2am?  And fourth, my snoring earlier is somehow an excuse for your being unwilling to reposition yourself to maybe help stop the LOUD LOUD NOISES COMING FROM YOUR HEAD?!

To which I responded "then why didn't you wake me up and ask me to reposition myself?"  The DJ then decided he would go sleep in the other room (FINALLY A LITTLE PEACE ALREADY!), cursing about being kicked out of his own bed, blah blah blah.

I immediately went to sleep, and woke up feeling a little better.  I still sound a little nasally, but better.  Of course, immediately upon arriving to work my sneezing fits commenced again.  So I'm back to drinking tea with honey and lemon.  Here's hoping I don't have to visit a free clinic in NYC, because honestly?  That's something I could do without seeing.

4) I almost killed myself on the eliptical.  Twice.  And almost puked on it once.  Not sure what happened.  I was on it for an hour, and felt pretty good. 4.5 miles and 500 calories burned?  I'm good with that!  But then I step off the machine, and it felt like the room was actually moving around me.  I couldn't walk straight, my feet were dragging.  And my hands were shaking for over an hour after I left the gym.  No bueno.

So I took a day off, and returned to the gym last Thursday.  I did 30 minutes on the machine, checked how I felt, decided I was good and maybe it was just a fluke, and kept going.  Again, I got off the machine and felt like I was going to die.  So I took Friday off and the weekend off from the gym.  I was pretty disappointed because I have committed myself to getting into the gym every day after work.  I figure that even if one day a week something comes up after work, I'm still making it 4 days a week, and that's great.

So I decided, enough of being a weakling.  I commited myself to going to the gym, so I'm going.  Suck it up, you're probably just out of shape.  You'll be fine.  So I go, and I do an hour.  At about 40 minutes in, I almost puke.  Like.... I fought to keep it down.  But I finished!  A little dizzy afterward, but not as bad.  So we'll see how it goes, or if I'm going to continue to almost commit suicide by eliptical. 

5) There is a guy that stands outside of my gym and hands out fliers.  I'm not really sure what his purpose is, as my gym has been having the same ridiculous special going on for over a year ($20/month for life.  Pretty freakin amazing for NYC, and really speaks for itself without Flier Guy).  Anyway, he likes to welcome people who are already members of the gym TO the gym, telling them to enjoy their workout and asking what they'll be working on today.  Seems pretty harmless, no?  Except that he wants to have this same conversation every time he sees me.  Also?  He seems pretty happy with himself that he remembers my name is Colleen.  Except it's Connie.  Not Colleen.  He asked me once what I do.  I told him I work at an investment bank.  Hi, that's like saying you work in politics in DC.  Who here DOESN'T work in financial crap in  NYC?  Well this spurred him into picking my brain about his own personal stock portfolio, the state of the economy and what it will most likely do in the next year.  Um, dude?  I'm an assistant.  I make copies, and write emails, and update my personal blog all day at work.  I can't help you there, and I know so little about investments, that you saying you hold stock in gold probably isn't having the great impression on me that you meant for it to. 

I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE GYM IN PEACE!  I am getting off of 9 hours at the office, a 20 minute commute to the gym, and now I have to potentially commit suicide on an eliptical machine for the next hour.  Please just leave me to it.  And no, don't stop me on the way out.  To combat the post-workout conversation, I have taken up exiting the gym holding my phone to my ear, listening to old voicemails, so that I can avoid him.  He's probably a nice guy, but his approach is all wrong. 

6) My neighbor at the office who is German just told me that he no longer can speak German.  He's German, like... off the boat German.  Like, I think he moved to the states within the last 6 months.  I'm sad for him, and said he should join a German social group.  Does that sound like I'm prompting him to start up the Nazi Regime again?  I sure hope not.  That's not what I meant at all.  And he's far too nice of a guy to be a Nazi, he'd never survive and be kicked out of the social group, and be right back where he started.

I think that's all I have for today.  Enjoy, leave tidbits in my comments... whateva :)

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