Monday, January 31, 2011

What I have learned...

This might get lengthy. Apparently, I have been misinformed for quite some time. So recently, this is what I have learned... (In list form. Because I? LOVE the lists.)

1)besides the fact that people are dumb, and when the driver says "Everybody going to Philly? 7:35?" she does not, in fact, mean "If you are going to Baltimore at 8, you should get on this bus." Stupid kids. But also, possibly, stupid driver. She was checking tickets and it says in the ticket number what the departure and arrival cities are.

Lesson Learned: NEVER book a Megabus connection only 5 minutes from when you are due to arrive. You WILL end up having to take crappy regional rail, AT 10pm, ARRIVING at 12:40am in NYC, and not get home until nearly 1:30am because there's un-posted track work happening on the 2/3 express track at Penn Station, which you only need to take 1 stop and the platform is split so you can't jump on the local train should it come first and you will end up running down the stairs, then back up the other stairs and nearly get caught in the door WITH your weekend luggage. Awesome.

2)Rather than beg and plead for the DJ to help and make my life easier and assist me with bills, get him the hell out of my life. His actions have been unforgivable, and I do NOT need him. Do some research, figure out that you can handle things even better on your own, and for cheaper, and just get him out. Stop feeling helpless.

Lesson Learned: Pull yourself out of this needy shell you have become and get your shit together! You have taken care of yourself your entire life and NOW you need somebody that would treat you like that to make your life EASIER?! What are you NUTS?! Just deal with it. You'll be better for it. *Also: maintain this in future relationships, k? Nobody likes a needy bitch.*

3)After talking to an entrepreneurial professor from Penn State Main Campus, you realize that you are thinking in the right direction for your company, but still have some leg work to do. Rather than peruse CraigsList for possible gigs, define your business model. Research how to financially run a business and get your paperwork together. Update your website, and start making connections with local vendors that may be able to pass business your way.

Lesson Learned: You're on the right path! Just need to do a little more leg work so you are confident in your business. Keep going!

4) Although I am skeptical of all things astrological, I do find it somewhat fascinating and will check out my horoscope regularly. My birthday is March 21, which (contrary to the "new" information regarding the signs which I choose to ignore) puts me on the cusp of both Aries and Pisces. Technically I am an Aries, and see a lot more of that sign in myself. I'm head strong, a fighter, typically an A-type personality, etc. But I definitely recognize things about Pisces in myself as well, like I try to hide a lot about myself, and I am an emotional person who can be very idealistic. It's a rough cusp to hang out on. But I dig it. Anyway, I choose to read both horoscopes and combine them to figure out where the heck I am in the world according to the stars. I sound crazy.

My horoscope yesterday left me feeling hopeful, and really spoke to me.

Aries: If your love life is a little lackluster now, you can expect some big changes. Whatever stage or state of love you now find yourself in, things are going to heat up. If you are happily involved, you will soon be happier. IF YOU'RE IN A TRANSITION PERIOD, SOME CATALYST WILL MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE TO SHAKE THINGS UP AND HELP YOU TO MAKE THE CHOICES YOU NEED TO MAKE. And if you're looking for love, this is the perfect time to go out and find it. Don't be shy. Tell the universe what you want, and you will achieve it.

Pisces: You recently began a new venture, or you will soon. This may be part of an effort to bolster your finances or improve your life in some way. Bravo to you for trying to make things better. In may ways, you have taken great care to make your life fuller and more secure, even if you haven't seen a lot of progress. now, through, it's almost as if a dam has burst. Soon you'll begin to see signs that your efforts are paying off. it may take a while yet for you to get to where you want to be, but you will definitely reach and possibly even exceed your goal.

Lesson Learned: Take horoscopes in stride, but they can be very guiding. Also, good call writing it down on the back of that VISA bill you need to pay. Excellent reminder:)

5) I went Churching last weekend. At my mom's house. After the influx of conversations with exes (Ex whats? Never really defined. I call them either "Exes" or "Ex Situations".), I needed a little Jesus. Funny story? I forgot how much I actually really enjoy church. And my parents have a great class they are involved in. I've had some sour experiences with church. I've mostly found that they are filled with "holier than thou" types who don't understand that the reason there is church, is because we, as people, mess up a LOT. Yes, Even You, Ms. "I go to church EVERY WEEK, and my children are perfect Christian Cherubs and I stick up my nose to you because you are a SINNER and much worse than I could ever be!" Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and felt my Holy Cup fill up again.

Lesson Learned: Stop being a heathen, find a church (But not the one in your neighborhood, because the processions and the drums around the neighborhood with the statue of some holy figure with money pinned to it seems... not right.) and go. Even if it's just for the 10:45 church service and you're there for an hour, with no close involvement. You need it, it's good for you. Be a grown up. (P.S. People are IMPRESSED when they hear you went to church. Also? You will learn about friends that go to church too so maybe you can go together sometimes? Yay!)


6)So my supervisor was out of the office all of last week for a family emergency in Oklahoma. ... "OOOOOOKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweepin down the plain!" ... Ahem. So I was left to deal with the office. The WHOLE office. After having been here for just over a month. PANIC. But no, not really. But then yes, kind of. I had 23 people to support (answer phones, copy, scan, remind of appointments.), 5 of which were traveling directly in the middle of the gigantic snow storm last week, 1 of which brought 8 (count 'em. 8) extra people into the office, 4 from our Sydney office, 4 from a client office, all of which needed support, tech set ups, rooms booked, re-booked, re-booked, and booked again, visitor passes made, then edited, and edited again, USB sticks, couriers (which caused me to be hit on multiple times by mail room attendants. Ugh. No time for your witless banter.), mailings, and travel. 2 new hires starting in our NASHVILLE OFFICE (remember? I'm in NYC. Not all that close to Nashville, but I guess in comparison to Sydney.... but I digress.) that need blackberries ordered, set up, and mobile numbers reported to Sydney NOW NOW NOW to try to get business cards made right NOW NOW NOW because they are going to CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA NEXT WEEK (a.k.a. this week)and MUST be able to give out these numbers, even though they have no business address, business number, or even a physical office. I will receive no less than 5 emails during the 30 minute Sydney/NYC cross over business half hour between 5:30 and 6pm every day asking if I had heard anything about the phones, or the phone numbers, and did I know if I could get the numbers before the handsets, because really (no really, she was serious on the 22nd email, more so than the others) that was the most important thing and could I chase down someone or pressure them to get it to me NOW NOW NOW because it's really important and I can't do it myself and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this done yesterday!(No. Seriously. yesterday. Today is yesterday already in Sydney. Talk about a time crunch.) I was rescheduling lunches and meetings and updating documents for this office and the Chicago office and planning and canceling and re-booking travel and cars and hotels for 4 other people present in the office last week. UGH! <-- this? Is why I didn't post last week. Not at all.

Lesson Learned: You will get praise and hugs from your boss and supervisor, and thanked profusely for your hard work. Also? You will be paid for nearly 8 hours of over time (that's almost $200 after taxes! HELLO SIZABLE PAYCHECK!) AND you will get to hang out with, talk to, and plan stuff with hot Aussies. Yes, this makes it worth it. And maybe they will make you permanent sooner rather than later? Eh? Eh??

Tomorrow Or... some day after today.. but hopefully tomorrow...: I will contemplate whether to go away next weekend and what the dilemmas are.

Now? Back to scanning...

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