Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have not disappeared...

So... I've been avoiding you, dear Blog.  I know.  I know.  I shouldn't have done that.  But to be honest, things have been so craptastic the last few days I haven't been able to put them into words. 

Let's suffice it to say that the DJ has surpassed even his own low standards and shocked himself at the unforgivable acts that took place earlier in the week.  Living together is NOT WORKING.  And what's worse?  There's no way out.  He is on the couch indefinitely.  There is no talking.  The kids (a.k.a. pets, Dog Maggie and Cat Puka)?  They have taken my side.  They both sleep in bed with me, with Maggie taking the DJ's spot.  What's strange is the last 2 weeks have been blissfully fantastic.  To the point where I thought we might have a chance.  I was so very very wrong. 

We did have the DJ's brother and brother's friend visiting for the weekend.  And we even successfully threw a Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday bash on Sunday night.  That was the last good day.  At least we went out in a drunken bang. 

However.  I finally have some positive news to report.  First, I had a fantastically emotional girls night last night with two of my very favorite people, Miranda and Jlo.  Jlo is not, in fact, Jennifer Lopez.  It's my friend Josh.  But the name fits him, believe me.  We had a drink and then headed over to see the movie Blue Valentine.  PEOPLE!  Here is your PSA:  Do NOT see this moving without tissues.  You WILL cry.  A lot.  But it was fantastic and Ryan Gossling is adorable as per usual (except that he seems to be a 1 note actor, but still... that one note is a pretty fantastic one!) and Michelle Williams... well I have a hard time because I kind of hated her character, but then sort of got her at the same time.  Also, a very special kind of eye candy in the bedroom scene at "Cindy's" parents' home.  Either way, very successful girls night and definitely something we all needed.  We also vowed to do something more upbeat next time.  Like maybe No Strings Attached?  A little Ashton Kutcher action??  Who can go wrong with that?  (What is this?  Doth mine eyes decieve me?  Am I showing affections for 2 white men in the same posting?!  Craziness.)

I have stumbled across, what I am certain, millions of other people already know about.  Is. Amazing.  So you go on, you take this style quiz that lets them know what you like and what you're interested in.  Then they have this cyber personal shopper go and find shoes and handbags (2 of my very favorite things in the whole wide world) that match that style.  Plus, all the while, you can go in and rate different shoes and handbags so they can further hone in on your style!  SO COOL!  Best part?  The shoes are all only $39.95 and FREE SHIPPING!  HA!  Can you tell I'm uber excited about this??  Best part??  They don't even pay me to support them!  But they probably should.  Just sayin. 

The Dolce&Gabbana summer collection just makes me happy, sing-songy and warm/fuzzy inside.  It makes me want to go to Greece, and the beach, and 5th Avenue all at the same time.  Just go look at it.  Tell me it doesn't get you all happy inside like a new romance. 

I am getting the Hell Outa Dodge this weekend.  That's right.  I'll be traveling to PA to spend the weekend with my best friend's mom (who I also call Mom because I've known her since I was 13, and here I am at 26 still needing her comfort after a terrible break up) and my best friend, Maria.  Why?  Because then I DON'T have to spend it around the DJ, and I get to see them, and I get to eat good food and I get to hang out in the hot tub (HOT TUB!!) and I'm just thrilled.  I really need this.  And I love them and haven't spent nearly enough time with them recently.  So I'm going.  Oh.  Must Prepare Christmas Gifts.  Right.  officially on the to-do list.  Maybe the gym won't happen tonight.  Damn. (No seriously.  I needed to go.  Next week it's happening every day.  No excuses!)

Oooh.  But this might mean a trip to the craft store!  SQUEEEEEEE!!! 

Ok.  Ok.  So I'm back, I promise.  I will stop avoiding you.  And hopefully will have lots of pictures to share upon my return from the weekend.  Just.Gotta.Firgure.Out.How.To.Post.Them.  Hmmm... I'll work on that!

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