Monday, January 3, 2011

So maybe the gym SHOULD have made it onto my list...

So this New Year was spent in a way that is uncommon to me.  It was low key. 

On my birthday this year we were out partying at multiple pubs and dive bars from about 8:30pm until about 6 in the morning.  On the DJ's birthday this year, guests continued to ARRIVE to the party until 5:30 in the morning!  On St. Patty's day this year I was woken up by said DJ with an Irish Carbomb bedside.  We tend to do celebrations up right.

This year, the DJ was out of town... well... DJing.  So my friend Gia (the smartest friend we know) came into town.  It was FANTASTIC!

She met at my office where we had lunch of deliscious hot pastrami on rye at the deli up the street.  Then I got out of work 3 hours early and we went home and lounged.  When it reached about 7:30, we started getting ready, opting to go sans heels this year.  There's snow everywhere!  And it's cold!  And we're going to a pub and maybe some dive bars!  Who are we impressing?  Nobody.  And even fewer strangers will be impressed if we fall on our face on a stray pile of snow! 

So we get dressed in our festive tops and furry boots and head out.  Our destination?  The Half King in Chelsea, where my friend Mike manages and bartends.  First, we catch both the 7 and the E train perfectly!  No waiting!  On New Years Eve!  In NYC!  crazy.  The Half King is festive, but not packed.  We grab seats at the bar and... can you believe our luck?  They have Crab and Lobster pot pie on the menu! 

Something you should know about me.  1) I have a severe love of seafood, especially crab and lobster.  2) I have an obsession with comfortfood.  And potpie?  Very near the top of that list.

We have jalepeno poppers for an appetizer (stuffed with cream cheese, not cheddar.  And they are about 3 times the size of any jalepeno you have ever eaten before.  AMAZING!) and the potpie for dinner.  I am off my diet this weekend, by the way.  We drink, we toast champagne, we have a balloon drop followed by a balloon pop.... it's fantastic!  By 1:30 we're on our way home.  We swing by the pub below my apartment, say hi to the regulars and the bartenders, and head upstairs.  By 2:30 we're in bed and couldn't be happier!

We spend the next 2 days lounging.  We eat, we nap, we watch TV... we obligate ourselves to nothing. 

Beyond the paralising disappointment of a closed Thai restaurant in my neighborhood with the best Massaman Curry you've ever laid lips on, the weekend was perfect.  (I got my curry on Sunday, and all was right with the world again). 

This got me thinking.  I am OLD.  I mean, not really.  I'm 26.  But those are very old mentalities, no?  Not wanting to be bothered, eating, then napping.... and the prospect of bed was SUPER exciting! 

Decision made.  I need to get back to the gym.  Like STAT.  Like Yesterday.  I have to win my youth back!

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