Friday, January 7, 2011

There's good and bad in everyday... apparently...

Ok, I'm starting with the bad, then moving to the good.

I woke up this morning to find that, as promised, Mother Nature/ Karma brought us snow.  All wet and yucky.  I actually growled, for lack of a better word, at it loud enough to make the DJ come into the room saying "Did you say something?  Is there a problem?"  to which I pouted "I don't WANNA go to work in the snow!"  Apparently this prompted him into a giant bear hug.  Again.  Yes, we are still not a couple anymore.  The affection continues to grow.  I have no explanation.

I get dressed, and discover I'm having a "fat" day, that I in no way care about or try to correct.  I just look a hot mess.  No jewelery, hair unstyled.  Lookin a little frumpy.  Eh.  Snow.  Boo.

I trudge off to work, running 10 minutes late.  I arrive to the office only to discover that my access card, necessary for practially EVERY MOVE I MAKE, is not working.  At all.  So, getting breakfast, peeing, heating up lunch, etc.?  Not possible without bothering somebody else.  A-Nnoying.

So it's snowing.  I am lucky enough to be in an office surrounded by big wondows, so I literally feel like I am inside a snow globe.  Which is super cool, except that today I have to walk 7 blocks to get my paycheck.  So I watch the snow change from really fast moving itty bitty snow flakes to fat lazy puffy snow flakes... but it doesn't stop.  The sky turns a grayish-green color which makes me pretty sure that the world is ending.  But then it gets lighter, and still the snow falls.  I wait.  And wait. To no avail.

So I decide to leave.  I bundle up, go outside, walk the 7 blocks in the snow/rainy mixture.  I pick up my paycheck and trudge back.  And do you know what Mother Nature/ Karma decide to do once I am securely back in my office?  They go and turn off the snow flakes!  They just STOP probably within 3 minutes of my return.

Also?  NYC Taxes suck.  I miss 3 hours of work last week due to driving back in the blizzard/snopacolypse and it costs me $75 out of my regular paycheck.  But after taxes and everything, I am only paid $16 for the hours I did work.  Um... que?  Taxes. Suck.

On to happier news.  My boss is in a very good mood today.  I am fairly certain that I saw him do the air drums on 2 occasions and he just jumped up from his seat so quickly he nearly knocked the entire row of desks over.  My boss generally walks at the pace of the old pervy neighbor in Family Guy (I'm not sure why.  My boss is young and appears to be healthy. But here we are...), so these quick movements are HILARIOUS at the very least.

Also, my new job is not the most demanding job I've ever had.  To be honest, I'm rather embarrassed that I make what I do hourly here.  But to fill the HOURS of open time, I read blogs.  I have already completely read all past postings by the Didactic Pirate, and am currently reading past posts by my favorite blogger and writer, Jen Lancaster over at  Although many of her posts are thought inspiring, a post that she wrote YEARS ago got me thinking.

I'm a foody.  I always have been.  I know good food, and really enjoy sharing food with friends and family because I think it's a bonding experience.  Jen's post was about a walk she took, bringing her face to face with 3 food kryptonites.  She then asked readers to list their top 5 food kryptonites.  I? Cannot do this.  5 is a joke.  But I can break them down into groups and list 5 for those groups.  So here we go, because I'm already having a fat day, so why not talk about food?
(These are in no particular order)

1. Muddy Sneakers Ice Cream (Made by Hershey's, it's a white chocolate ice cream with fudge, caramel and peanutbutter swirls with chocolate chips.)
2.Cheesecake.  Of any variety.  Must be sweet, rich and creamy.  NY style is best.
3.Peanut butter and Chocolate anything.  Cake, fudge, Reese's, ice cream, whatever.  I'll take it.
4.Starbucks Caramel Macchiatto
5. Crumbs Bakery cupcakes.  Any and all varieties, bonus points for being filled with something.

1. Filet Mignon, so tender that it melts on your tongue. (I worked at Carrabbas for over 2 years, and our Filet was amazing.  I'd get th Filet Speidino which was a Filet with 2 breaded and grilled scallops and shrimp, drizzled in a lemon butter sauce.  Uh.Muh.Gaw)
2. Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes
3. All things Carrabbas (after looking at their menu for one specific item, it occurred that I would travel the earth for almost the entire menu.)
4. All things crab, lobster, scallop, etc.
5. Really well made Spinach and artichoke dip (my mom has an amazing recipe!)

1. Bacon and water chestnuts
2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich 2 from E&I Deli in Long Island City.  Grilled chicken, BACON, mozzarella cheese and russian dressing on a hero roll.
3. Bacon Egg and Cheese on a grands buiscut
4. Bacon wrapped Scallops
5. Bacon.

1. Costco delux pizza.  If you have not had, run, don't walk, to your nearest costco.  You might die from the calories, but you will die happy.
2. Mr. Sorrento's on Hershey's pizza, any type.
3. Jo Jo's pizza of Hershey, any type
4. Uno's Chicago Deep Dish pizza
5. Riggtown Oven of West Chester, PA's Pizza, only when drunk, after midnight, any flavor ($1 a slice!  Listen to the song "I love College", he references it.)

Home Cooked Favorites
1. Crab Soup (Made by my mom's husband Buzz and is amazing... with or without broccoli)
2. Yorkshire Pudding (Grandma Bogenschutz's specialty.  She even had the speical pans!)
3. Nanny's Cookies (We lost Nanny this year, so these hold an even more speical place in my heart)
4. Antipasta Salad (Have made and eaten this for many consecutive lunches and dinners. DELISH)
5. Baked Spaghetti

And look at that, when you end things on a positive note, more good things happen!  I forgot all about free beer on Fridays in this office!  WOOOOO!!

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