Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts that are Meandering Around in my Mind Today...

Just a few things that have happened/are happening around today's date.

1) I was carded at the movies the other night. CARDED! I haven't been carded at a liquor store, or at my local deli when buying beer, or the Duane Reade when buying beer, or at most bars I visit in a LONG time. But the movies? I'm carded. When I asked why, the LOVELY chick behind the counter said "Because it's rated R." Um. K? "Isn't it that nobody under 17 can get in?" "yeah." ........? She continues after my confused look and she said "Well, if you look like you are under 25 I'm supposed to card you." WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I look under 25?! I mean, I'm almost 27 which I understand isn't a huge difference. BUT, I look UNDER 25, which basically translates to "You look like one of those sexy co-eds that all those 'Girls Gone Wild' videos rave about (minus the showing of boobage or being in the shower with another chick. You know what I mean.)! That's a big time score! Especially what with being back in the dating pool. So the gym routine must be working, just another reason for me to jump back on that band wagon full speed ahead next week. Done and done!

2) So I am getting my hair did on Sunday. Yup. First time in 8+ months. It's always a little scary for me. I don't do a lot with my hair. I've been rocking all different types of layered cuts for years. It works for me. I do use a lot of product (volumizer, anti frizz, spray conditioner, hairspray... etc...) but I still generally don't obsess over my hair. Mostly because I've been blessed with really fabulous hair. And I'm not just bragging. I'm really impressed with my hair! But I always get anxious when I try somebody new. A girl that I used to work with at the evil evil restaurant has her license (cosmotology? hair do-er extrodinaire? not sure what it's called really.) and will be doing my hair on Sunday. I have very very deep dark brown hair. Which is cool, but sometimes it gets a little drab and flat looking. So I've opted to put a little caramel and copper high lights in it. Imma scurred. Nobody has high lighted my hair since my very very favorite hair lady, Chelsea, in West Chester, PA. I trusted that girl with EVERYTHING! My hair was down to the low of my back (about where it is now. Ridiculous.) and I walked in with a picture of Katie Holme's new short bob haircut a few years ago and said "Chop it off. All of it. I want it gone." And although she was scared and sad to cut off my hair, home girl rocked it out! I looked hot! I might have to start traveling back to see her from now on if Sunday doesn't work out so well. To be honest, I think it's gonna be fine. I just have to make sure she knows EXACTLY what I'm thinking before she goes all nutso on my hair. It'll be cool. *BREATHE*

3)I have deemed myself the Queen of Snark. Why? Well because I am. And the tension between the DJ and I is consistantly growing. For example, this is the conversation we had last night.

Me: Do I have an ipod cable anywhere?

DJ: No, I don't think so.

Me: Ok. Can I borrow one?

DJ: (laughing, fakely, but very hard) You want to borrow one from me? Are you serious?

Me: Why is that funny?

DJ: Have you not been here the last 2 days?

Me: Yes, I have been. Why is it funny?

DJ: You haven't said two words to me, I've been called every name in the book..

Me: Oh! I'm so sorry! Did I hurt your feelings?! I didn't mean to do THAT!

DJ: And apparently I'm an asshole. (My awesome mom called him this on his facebook page. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

(Pause. Look at the DJ.)

Me: And this is in some way shocking to you? You call yourSELF an asshole. You were in some way unaware? It's surprising to you that someone else might share this same sentiment?

DJ: Whatever, Connie. The cable's in the front of my bag.

TWO POINTS FOR CONNIE! Also? I just scored bonus points. The DJ, for the first time in 2 years, APPOLOGIZED UNPROVOKED! So I'm mean, and I somehow got HIM to appologize to ME?? Kind of classic.

Now. I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I'm not REALLY a mean person. This is a special circumstance. Generally speaking, my perfectly timed snark makes people laugh, realize truths about themselves but in a way that says "You know I still love you in spite of this, but... seriously. Take a look around." But right now, it just feels so damn good to be not nice! I'm sure this will pass, right? I feel a little like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail when she's all snarky to Tom Hanks and says that he just brings it out in her. I get that.

4)Since I am still a temp, I have to go to pick up my paycheck. The place I have to go is technically on the way home, except that they close at 6, and I get out of work at 6. So I wouldn't make it in time. So in the middle of my day, every Friday, I have to walk down the 8 blocks to the office, or I have to go get on the train that never comes, and pick up my paycheck. It's always a disappointment, and lower than I assumed it would be. But I have to do that today. So I can give people money so they stop calling me. Because I don't like that. And they start at 8:00am and go until 10:00pm calling and calling and calling and calling I'M BROKE, BITCHES! I'm not paying you! I have nothing to give you! Wait another week and I will get you your money! And it will be on time from here on out because I got myself a big girl job! And I figured out how to budget (kinda) and now everything will be fine!

That was not the point. The point is, that now I have a scheduling delema on my hands. I'm hungry already, and I usually wait until 2 to eat lunch, since I eat breakfast at 9, then a snack at 11:30 or 12. But I'm hungry. And I'm getting Chipotle today. So I guess I could go, brave the lunch rush to get my paycheck, deposit money, get chipotle and come back to eat which will all take about an hour. Or I could go get lunch now, then leave again to get my paycheck. Which I think is a little irresponsible since I am a temp, and taking 2 breaks today, along with ending at 5 for Beer Friday... that seems lazy. Yet here I sit, at my desk, typing in my blog. Hmm. Tricky.

Ok, option 1. I'm going. Wish me luck! I'll talk to you after the weekend a la Allentown!

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