Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am just all over the place today...

So this post is rather random... which I guess is pretty much like every other post I write.  But THIS post will be in list form, which is in fact, DIFFERENT from at least most of my other posts.  So here we go:

1.  I have Etsy fever.  Seriously.  I have been on there all day.  My "cart" is now full of stuff for me to buy.  There's a really cute handbag that's a bit more springy than my current black leather Steve Madden monstrosity.  I found a table that goes pretty well with my new room decorations that I could use when I move in with a roommate for my make-up and hair stuff so that I'm not hogging the bathroom for hours (Because I'm a GOOD roommate!)  and I could just put it up against a wall and hang a mirror over it to see what the heck I'm doing!  Way to be innovative, CFunk!  And then my wheels started turning, so this suddenly has turned to an outline format.
              A. I found a painted canvas that I really loved.  It's the same colors as the two posters already in my living room pictured in this post.  I have decided, for now and until a future roommate says they don't like it, to use a peacock feather as my color pallet to accessorize my living room.  So the picture I found was perfect.  That got me thinking about the two posters that I have sadly thumb tacked to my wall.  Finding frames for 18" by 24" posters is not an easy task.  Most run you at least $180.  The ones you find on sale are not good.  Whatever.  I was considering building wooden frames myself, or constructing a sort of wooden "box" that I would decoupage the posters onto and then hang.  And then I got it.  Why not combine the decoupage idea with the canvas idea??  Is that possible?  Can I do that?  So I Googled.  Because it's the only way I know to research anything anymore.  And yes!  You CAN decoupage posters onto canvas!  Even better idea!  Create a textured colored frame by getting a canvas slightly larger than your poster!  Tape off where the poster will be, and paint the edges however you want!  Great idea!  And so there's a new project for me!
                                   i. This got me remembering that I still need to order the paper for my original decoupage project (the dresser).  So that will happen tonight so that I can complete that!  The dresser and nightstand already look so freaking cool!  Finished they'll look amazing!

                 B.  While I was looking through the website and falling in love with each click to the next page, I realized that I could actually sell something on Etsy.  I paint glass.  I made a set of margarita glasses for my mom.  I made Christmas Tree ornaments for my entire family this year that everybody loved.  It's relaxing and fun for me.  But I only ever do stuff when I need it, so I don't get to enjoy it as much as I would if I was doing it all the time!  Plus to make money doing something fun like that would be cool!  So I think I'm gonna.  Why not, right?  Worst thing that happens is nobody buys it, right?  So yeah, gonna do that!

2. So beyond my creative juices flowing rapidly (ew, right?  That kinda sounds gross...) I am revamping my Events resume.  When I met Wendy the other week I was SO impressed with her resume, and was suddenly kind of embarrassed by mine!  So I'm using hers as a guide to bring mine up to speed.  Maybe this will lead to going back to working on my website that I currently hate and to start handing out my card to vendors.  I'm not great at that.  I'm not great at handing out my card to anybody, actually.  I'll keep you updated on all that.

3.  Tomorrow is another cake night!  I'm making Miranda dinner and cake for her birthday a couple weeks ago since I didn't get to actually buy her a drink at her celebration, and somehow ended up getting everybody else to buy MY drinks... weird.  Anyway, I'm making pesto pasta and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting which should be pretty darn fun.  There will be pictures.

                   A. Zilla's coming!  Remember Zilla??  She'll be hanging out while John runs around a little bit.  So expect pictures of her cuteness too.  I'm always a little nervous/excited to see how big she's gotten since the last time I saw her!  John has already warned me to hide all the power cords and kitty litter (two of her favorite things to eat... oddly...).  Puka doesn't know.  Nobody tell her.  She gets so pissed!

4.  I have a TON to do tonight!  And I'm already 13 minutes late leaving work!  So I gotta go!  OK... OK.... have a good night!  Look for me on Etsy... ya know... at some point!  And I'll do updates on EVERYTHING I just listed in the near future!  OK bye!

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