Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My weekend and OOOO pictures!

So I'm going to give you an overview of my long weekend, but first I have been promising pictures of the home make-over I've been doing for a couple weeks, and so will do that first.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT BY ANY MEANS a typical New York City apartment, and that if the DJ wasn't forced to pay half of the rent I could absolutely not afford this place at all.  In fact, I still may not be able to afford it... I digress... PICTURES!  Yay!

This is the only pre-make-over picture I took because I was totally embarrassed by the FILTH I was apparently living in!


This is taken from the same angle as above.  I changed where the couch was, and removed some pictures from the walls.

These are the pictures I decided to stick with, and they inspired the color scheme that is not yet actually present in the room.  But the lining on the curtains (in the above picture) match the blue color in the pictures, and I will be getting or making some blue throw pillows.

Facing the front door from the little desk in the corner.  Look at all that space!  That's like the size of a NORMAL NYC apartment! (seriously.)

Bedroom.  That's the new clock and artwork, and please ignore the fact that my bed is lower than my tiny night stand.  The mattress and boxspring are sitting on the floor presently... Puka still has to assess the height before she jumps.  She's not really a cat.

Taken from on top of my short little bed.  There's the other artwork and the dresser I am going to try to snazzify.  More on that in a few pictures...

Also?  There is the TV that the DJ refused to hook up.  Please notice DirecTV box and the Kardashians presently pictured on said TV.

I ask you.  How in the WORLD did I only use one of these closets while the DJ was here?!  Look at all those clothes!

My Kitchen.  I moved the table to the middle of the kitchen so 1) It was usable and 2) the kitchen is SO BIG and I really don't need that much space.  Seriously.  So spoiled in this place!

I would like to point out that I have candlesticks in the kitchen and the living room and have never lit either set.  I just think they're pretty.

Just the other angle.  Not a whole long changed in here besides the table and removing the kitchen couch (don't ask.)

The couch that had been in the kitchen is now in the bedroom and pictured in the second bedroom picture.  I plan on getting a slip cover for it if I can find one that costs less than the couch originally did.   Presently?  No luck.
Have no fear, the bar has stayed mostly intact!

Not much changed here.  This is an attempt to let you see my pretty shower curtain :)

This is about as creative as I've gotten in the bathroom. 

Please notice NO HAIR IN THE SINK OF ANY KIND.  And she will stay that way.

So this is the pattern I want to use for the dresser.  I plan to get decorative paper and decoupage it onto the front panels, maybe the sides or the top of both the dresser and the night stand.  I want this pattern in Black and white/cream.  Apparently, I am asking too much.  Now I'm sure you are all saying "I've seen that pattern everywhere, it can't be that hard to find!" and you would be wrong.  Because it is nowhere to be found.  NOWHERE.  help me.
I also found this paper.  Which I liked very much.  But it was pink and brown.  And that doesn't work.  The accent colors in my room are yellow, orange and red.  Pink and brown will not work.  WHY DOES NOBODY DO THE SIMPLE BLACK AND WHITE ANYMORE?!

And before you ask, yes I am checking Kate's Paperie after I visit Michael's which I did not do this past weekend as planned because I am LAZY and it got COLD again and I didn't WANNA.

If you have any other suggestions (websites, personal friends with connections to the pretty paper mob, whatever), PLEASE let me know, as my sanity is currently on the line.

So.  Long weekend.  YAY!  After beer Friday (on Fridays in this office we have beer and snacks from 5pm until 6, or whenever we realize we're too drunk to still be at work, OR or until the Cheetos run out.) I went home.  I just went home.  I got into sweats, I had some dinner and layed around.  I got some calls to go out, but I wasn't interested.  Hind-sight?  Yeah, definitely should have gone out!  That was the last really warm day!  63 degrees?!  I could have gone with a light jacket!  In FEBRUARY!  But no, I sat at home with Puka.

This is taken at a weird angle because she was laying on the back of my thighs... so it's kind of upside down.  But yes, she is still staying THISCLOSE at all times.

So Saturday we stayed in bed together watching crappy TV until about noon.  We got up and paid some bills.  Watched some crappy TV.  Then I did laundry.  HOLY LAUNDRY MOUNTAIN BATMAN!

I did every sheet, towel, and piece of clothing in the entire house.  My big laundry cart could barely handle it.  But I washed, dried and folded EVERYTHING in 2 hours.  Which I think is pretty impressive. 

Sunday I did nothing.  Because I am lazy.  Also?  I was having some trouble dealing with the fact that it really is just me and Puka in the apartment now.  This weekend was the first time that I just DEALT with it.  I've been distracting myself with friends and traveling and going out and running errands and keeping myself out of the house.  This weekend it really hit hard and I pretty much had a cry-fest on Sunday.  I thought I had cried every tear in my ever loving body.  But no, clearly not.  The kind of sobbing ensued that actually woke Puka from her deep deep slumber, and caused her to come nuzzle me for a while.  My Aunt called, then my mom called.  She could tell it was a rough weekend for me and decided that I should come home next weekend.  I went with it because I could no longer make decisions for myself. 

Monday I had pulled myself together.  I slept in, but got up and showered and put on make up and got dressed!  It was wonderful!  Except...


That's right.  I woke up to SNOW on my day off!  The audacity!  Stupid groundhog with it's "Spring in 4 weeks" crap.  Puka and I stayed huddled under blankets all afternoon.  I tried to tell myself that I was going to Michael's to check for the pretty paper.  Yeah.  I was NOT going to Michael's.  It's on the Upper West Side!  97th street is FAR!  Plus I had plans to get my nails done at 5 with Mandy from work.

So I did that.  And I went to Duane Reade and spent far too much money.  But I got a mani/pedi AND an eyebrow wax!  I'm starting to feel human again which is quite the relief.  Also?  On my way home, I saw an old lady asleep on the subway.  Cute?  No.  Her dentures were very nearly falling out of her mouth.  Like dangerously.  I mean... EW.  Those are expensive and if they fall out on the subway, how do you react?  You can't possibly just pop them back in.  But do you keep them?  Soak them in bleach?  But then that can't be healthy to put back in your mouth.  I don't feel like that denture cleaner stuff would get SUBWAY off of them over night... I was all kinds of worked up, and I would have woken her up and alerted her to the situation, but I was at my stop.  Am I evil for not?

And then I had all you can eat Pasta from Leahy's (the pub I live over).  All YOU can eat and all I can eat are 2 very different things.  Because I can only eat 1 bowl of pasta.  And it will take me an hour.  But I did get to meet a lovely old Irish guy named Barry who taught me lots about the heritage I know, apparently, very little about. 

What did I leave out... there's something... o right I had multiple conversations with the DJ about nothing in particular where he told me I should visit twice.  I do not plan to.  I'm taking this as an emotional laps and I need to get ahold of myself, woman!  ... except that then I emailed him a funny video today because I didn't think anybody else would fully appreciate it, and it feels unnatural to not share things with him because it's what I want to do and I'm tired of fighting myself on everything.  And no I don't know if I really want to try with him again, but I do know I miss him like crazy and it's not getting easier.  And this could just be the mourning period or it could be real life this is the guy I should be with and I just need to give it time.  I don't know, I'm confused, I'm completely lost, and from what I'm seeing and hearing I think he's feeling the same way.  And I really am trying to stay away and give myself time to heal and get myself together (woman!) but it's HARD and I don't LIKE it.

I'm done rambling now.  Hope the pictures were all you hoped and dreamed for!

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