Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puppy Play Date, My Place, 7pm!

I had a puppy play date at my house last night!


With no puppy of her own!

And only a very bitter and angry cat lurking in the corners to show that I have any pet love at all!

My friend Terri brought her Pomapoo (Pomeranian and Poodle mix) named Oliver over last night...

Everybody say "Hi" to Ollie :)
... to play with our friend Jon's brand new Rottweiler puppy named Zilla!

OK, now everybody say "Hi" to Zilla!
I can't even get over how cute they were!  I tried to take so many pictures of them playing but just couldn't get them!  They were too fast!  But they love Love LOVED each other to death!

Here's an action shot:

Oliver found safety on the couch, as Zilla went straight for his tail every time and was giving him quite the haircut!

Their favorite place to play was directly under the kitchen table while we were enjoying homemade enchiladas, brown rice and black beans.  The Coronas almost fell over multiple times!

Zilla is quite the happy little puppy.  She lets you snuggle her and smell her puppy fur and gives just the very best little nose kisses ever!  Terri got in some pretty quality time...

Zilla was just a little squirmy, but look at how long her legs are!  And her paws are HUGE!  Jon is gonna have a big girl on his hands sooner than he knows!  But he's such a proud papa...

Jon says I made him look bald in this picture.  In my defense, he was not the focal point.  But Jon is definitely not bald!  He has a full head of hair in the form of a Mohawk!  I swear!  But look at that puppy face!

And Zilla knows her daddy.  I got to pet-sit while Jon ran some errands after dinner, and she was very upset when he left!  She cried a little, but mostly she just hung out by the door.  And then I convinced her to come hang out with me where she slept soooo sweetly on the couch!

How do you not just instantly fall in love with that little nose?!
And how did my angry cat deal with this?

Well we looked all over for her...

"Puuuka... where AAAARE you??"
Zilla helped. 

Puka wasn't having it.  In fact, Zilla was so quiet that Puka thought everybody had left.  She ventured back into the living room to get in some serious cuddle time because "WOMAN!  WE HAVE BEEN SEPARATED FOR FAR TO LONG.  Cuddle needs... I has them."

But then, she saw Zilla.  And Puka was piiiiissed.  Hissing and doing that throat rumbling thing cats do.

So it appears I may have to re-think this whole "Puka needs a puppy to keep her company because she misses Maggie" thing.  Apparently the only dog allowed in our house permanently... is the original Maggie.

And Maggie just couldn't be happier about that....

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