Friday, February 18, 2011

Cake Nights and Long Weekends... this is what Happy Connies are made of!

Months ago my friend Miranda posted on her Facebook page that she loved that "when [I] sit down with a sheet cake and a fork, [my] roommate doesn't judge [me], she just grabs a fork and joins in."  This sparked a small amount of jealousy in me because I haven't had a roommate since the year after college.  And the DJ in all his muscly glory wasn't going to sit down and have cake with me!  PA-LEASESo, I told her that I wanted to have a cake night some time.

We did.  It was fabulous, in many many different ways.  There were a bunch of us girls sitting around yellow cake with cream cheese frosting topped with strawberries, forks in hand.  In one fluid movement we all dug in, throwing caution and judgements to the wind and ate that cake.  And it felt good.  Real good. 

So now, when we have a stressful day or week... month... year... life... all of the above?... We plan a cake night.  Last night was just Miranda and I.  I bought a yellow cake, vanilla frosting for the layer and rainbow chip frosting for the top.  We made some dinner (elbow macaroni and  bolognese... I'm almost out of food.  It's a sad state of affairs.) and settled in to catch Miranda up on some SERIOUS Jersey Shore action.  Then it was on to The Fashion Police which I'm pretty sure I hooked Miranda on.  Oh the snark, and Kelly Osborn being uncomfortable with tween body parts and "balls suffocating"... it was a glorious rehashing of the Grammys!  It was at about this time that Miranda looked at me and said "... I think I'm ready for some cake."

The Cake.  'Tis beautiful, no?
 And again, with reckless abandon we dug into the cake.  We made serious dents in our respective sides of the cake.  And suddenly?  All the crap, all the bullshit, all of the fighting and crying and stress and bitterness and uncertainty melted away into moist, sugary fantastic-ness and we were at peace.  We watched Ronny and Samantha's relationship crumble, and Vinny be hilarious with dog poop and just basked in the relaxation of it all.

And we saw Britney Spears' new WORLD PREMIER MUSIC VIDEO, which, honestly? Does MTV even play music videos anymore?  Also?  This was the worst music video ever.  There was Britney in this, like, 4 story tall wedding gown, just singing.  Then there are 2 Britneys kicking the crap out of each other.  Then there was a flash to her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" (a.k.a. the pedophile's theme song) video which was weird.  And then this different colored ink starts coming out of these tubes attached to her hands and she's spraying ink all over the wedding gown, and then they're all in a heap on the ground.  And THEN there's this whole dance segment, which royally blows because she doesn't even dance anymore!  Seriously, pumping your arms and a body roll do not a dance routine make.  That was pathetic.

Miranda rolled out around midnight.  And then I caught up with ... we'll call him "The Director" via Skype.  Which was nice.  Because it was nice to have a CONVERSATION with a guy where he seemed interested in what was going on with me, and it was reciprocated by me.  Let's not talk about the sexual tension because I can't handle it right now.  But it was a video chat, so flirting is limited, thank GOD.  (You know.  Unless I wanted to get NAKED or something.  But.  Just.  GOD NO!)  (And that's not so much flirting as slutty.)  But it was nice. 

So this weekend is a long weekend.  WOOOOOOOOO!  I'm very excited for the sleeping in, and the relaxing and the getting things done.  On my to-do list is Laundry and Grocery Shopping, mani/pedi and a trip to Michael's.  All pretty do-able over 3 days.  This is my first weekend alone in the apartment so there will be that to tackle...I'll be ok though... right?

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