Friday, February 4, 2011

The DJ is taking the lightbulbs....

... because he paid for them.

Let that sink in.  Because I?  Am so totally not joking.  Because I really doubt I am creative enough to come up with that kind of story on my own.  Here I am all concerned that he might become spiteful during his move-out like damage the TV he's leaving me or damage the walls and leave them for me to deal with.  Never once did I think I would be without lightbulbs.  Stupid girl.

If I'm being honest, this is actually kind of funny.  This is where his anger and hurt has taken him.  To taking lightbulbs.  And I am sad for him.  And actually rather concerned for his well being.  At least he's not living by himself right away.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to do with this.  So I emailed the girls I'll be visiting with this weekend.  My subject line said " [The DJ] is taking the lightbulbs because he "bought them".  The body of the email said "I don't know what else to say."  Because, honestly?  How do you follow that up?

And this?  The response I got?  Is precisely why I need to visit these girls this weekend.

Katie totally satisfied the whole horrified, I-hate-him-for-you side so that I could dwell and rant and freak out over how totally STUPID this is and can you believe how he's acting?!

Alyssa?  Haha... Alyssa was all "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA stupid boy.  We'll buy them this weekend.  In other news, toilets and plumbers are my life right now." Which was so what I needed, too! No dwelling, no freaking out.  Just, this is how we'll deal. AAAAAAAAnd moving on. 

These girls are just the best ever.  They complete me (in Dr. Evil voice, I even drew the heart in the air.)

So this post is in 2 parts.  That first part was the funny.  This next part is the rant.  Because I can't just be all laughy-ha-ha all the time, now can I?

I'm not really sure what's going on.  The homeless people, they've lost their minds. 

Have you ever been 5 feet from a human whose stench made you unable to suck any amount of breath into your lungs, and thus you began to fear that you might actually suffocate yourself before smelling/tasting (that's yummy.) this stench any longer?  I have.  Yesterday.  On the F train.  Dude was passed out in all his stinky glory during rush hour, so there was no getting away from it.  I really didn't think I would make it the 2 stops I had to go on this train.

And then today, twice, in two different spots... homeless people just abandoning their carts!  Their whole life's... collections... just sitting there for anybody to take!  To be honest, if MY whole life was in a cart, I wouldn't just leave that lying around.  Maybe they assume nobody will want it.  But Dude, this city is FULL of homeless people.  And your collection of crap might be a lot better than THEIR collection of crap and they might take it!  And then where will you be?!

Also?  You know how in the movies they show oceans of yellow cabs driving all up and down the streets of New York, and all you need to do is stick your arm out and WHABAM, a cab appears with a screeching halt?  Um... yeah.  No.

Last night (after the DJ made me wait 30+ minutes for him to show up so I could get my own phone plan, thus costing me $30 extra each month with no appology or phone call or returned text message), I get to the 7 train only to find out that there's a stalled train and the 7 train ain't goin nowhere!  So I go back to street level to hail a cab.  I walk to 5th Avenue.  I try for a cab for 10 minutes.  There are millions, all of them already have people. 

So.. what you're saying to me is that there's not 1 cab available on all of 5th avenue?  Okey dokey.  How about 6th?

So I trek down to 6th avenue.  No cabs.  I had a black car (a.k.a. gypsy cab.  DO NOT TAKE THESE... and this is why...) stop by.  When I asked how much to get to Long Island City (a $12-$15 cab ride with a meter) he told me "That's... $40."  HA!  "$40?!?" I said.  "YEEEAah.  I'm good. No."

I tried 3 different corners of 6th Avenue, and even what appeared to be a hot spot of cab getting.  No luck.  So I decide that 20+ more minutes of my wasted precious time was enough, and I didn't also want to waste my precious money on a stinking cab.  So I went back to the train, found out it was working again, and went home.  The whole trip should have taken me 20 minutes to get my phone changed over AND get home.  It took me an hour and a half.

The frustration caused me to start separating my stuff from the DJs in some sort of frantic rage, both at him and every cab ever to drive in New York City and the 7 train for having the audacity to break down on my time and GAH!

So I made it through the day.  Got myself a yummy burger and fries from the deli next door, put myself to bed at about 11 or so and slept soundly.  I woke up, got in the shower first (thus scoring myself a hot shower FINALLY), got everything together, and said goodbye to my beloved Maggie one last time.  Almost cried but held it together.  Probably won't once I return after the weekend.

And for the love, calm down.  I didn't actually feed her beer.  But how cute is that picture?!  She is my snuggle bug and I will never love a dog quite as much as I loved her.  Now I must stop talking about it, as I am at work, and must hold myself together.

So I leave in like 3 hours for the weekend and seriously can't wait!  Now that I have figured out the whole picture thing, perhaps I will grace you with some from the weekend.  If I remember to take any.  :)

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