Thursday, February 24, 2011

I fail... a lot...

Last night I skipped the gym.  Like, tried all day to convince myself to go, and then failed.  Just failed all over the place.

But it's cool, because I went to Terri's house and we had fun making her apartment girlie!  I do not presently have pictures because most of the time it was Terri and/or myself in some really awkward position trying to tape the tiny area between her baseboard and her AC unit, while lying on the floor between her bed and the wall... or Terri standing on stools in front of windows and doorways and posing...

But anyway she painted the back wall of her studio apartment a really pretty violet/lavender color and her bathroom HOT PINK!  The bathroom SCREAMS... no... SHRIEKS girl!  It is awesome!  And works with the white tile and gray grout.  The back wall in lavender is fantastic and really makes her place look like home!  But you will never know any of this for real because I have no pictures. <-- Fail.

I did compensate for not going to the gym by eating Terri's delicious cooking that was really healthy!  Steamed veggies, brown rice and chicken in fat-free cream of mushroom soup.  Um, delish!  And so healthy!  Today I continued that with a bowl of Special-K cereal with the dehydrated strawberries.  Honestly?  The strawberries kind of freak me out because once you put milk on the cereal they get soft and more strawberry-like.  Which... I mean... you are reHYDRATING them, I guess, so it makes sense.  But it's weird!  But really good so I just go with it.  And then for lunch I had a salad and I bought grapes instead of something deliciously pastry or chocolate related.  This is where it all went downhill.

I paid..... $4.29... for grapes.  $4.29?!  Are you kidding me?!  I can get a whole bunch of them for like... what... $5 or $6 at the grocery store?! 

I'm now eating Hershey's Milk Chocolate Miniatures.  I've given up.  And these were free!  <-- Fail.

Speaking of Hershey (see how I did that with the transitioning?  MAN I'm good at this!)...

I'm going home this weekend.  My mommy bought me direct trains to and from home because apparently I am being spoiled with chubby conductors and cushy seats.  And I couldn't be happier about it.

Our goal for this weekend?  To go to Michael's.  You may remember this was my goal LAST weekend and I... failed...

But this weekend?  THIS weekend I have mommy around to do the motivating!  And the driving... because I still think I'm probably not good at it.  I was considering, if my sister was around, maybe asking her to go for a drink with me.  But I feel like maybe testing out my driving skills, after 2 years of really not using them, to go to a BAR may really not be the best idea.  I'll let you know how that goes.  But if this post is any indication, I'll probably FAIL.  In my mom's car which would make that a DOUBLE FAIL.

But yes, it's another weekend where I get to distract myself from my actual life.  I swear, once the warmer weather hits I'll stay in the city and enjoy it.  But for now, with this being a "walking" city, I just am really not enjoying it the way I should. (Fail?)  So... it's in the future plans... When I don't have to wear 16 layers just to walk to the Duane Reade, and then sit on the heater to defrost upon my return.

Maybe I'll get Puka a leash for the spring and take her out with me.... Or is that sad like the people that dress up their dogs and put them in strollers and pretend they are their kids, since they don't actually have any?  Hmmm... I'll leave you with this since apparently you guys LURVE the pictures!

This is Puka.  This is my hip.  This is Puka literally attached to my hip.

I miss her so much it actually hurts.

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