Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Terri!

So I am going out to dinner with my friend Terri for her birthday and I am SUPER excited about it!  We are going to Dos Caminos for restaurant week, which I keep hearing fabulous things about but have never tried.  I guess their guacamole is to die for, and I?  LOVE me some guacamole! 

Also, I went over my new budget, and including a lot of saving and even a few kind of regular incidental type stuff, I'm doing so well salary wise!  So I can AFFORD this dinner out!  And the traveling this weekend!  And this makes me so happy because I have struggled for so long because I worked at the evil evil restaurant!  So Yay!

Of course, it wouldn't be me if there wasn't something that bothered me about tonight.  As it is restaurant week, there is a prefix menu.  It looks just fantastic, and I'm really excited.  But what bothers me is that the lunch and dinner prefix menus are IDENTICAL.  Not one difference.  Exactly the same.  So... why are you charging me $10 MORE for the same thing those early bird lunch people got?  I feel like $10 is a lot.  Like yesterday I got a medium soup, herbed cheese, crackers and grapes for like $7 at Au Bon Pan.  Which was my whole lunch.  So I should be getting like a whole lunch on top of my meal?  No?  Hmmm....

But I digress.  It's always fun meeting up with Terri.  And we will have guac and margaritas and YUM!!

Also, my lunch SUCKED today.  I took left over pasta that the DJ had made.  It looked like it just had salt and pepper on it, so I tossed some cheese in and left for work.  I heated it up, got the cheese all melty and delish looking.  Then I go to take a bite and I find not 1 but 2 lemon peels that were still in the pasta!  I guess he made it with chicken and had used the lemon to flavor the chicken but then put the peels in with the left over pasta for some reason.  So now all I could taste was the lemon.  I tried adding salt and pepper and butter but no.  It was awful lemony cheesy nastiness.  So I threw it away and had an apple with peanut butter instead and now I'm starving.

Also, I think I may have developed an issue with peanut butter which KILLS me!  On days that I don't have peanut butter I am fine.  On days when I do have peanut butter, my stomach gets all upset.  I thought it was maybe soda, or bananas, or something else I was eating, or that I wasn't used to sitting so long and I was getting crampy.  No.  I think it's peanut butter.  Namely the mini Reese's I allow myself after lunch for only drinking water and no soda and having fruit and balanced meals and YAY HEALTHY CONNIE!  But no.  My body, apparently, cannot handle being rewarded with Reese's.  And I am sad.

OK, must prepare for super fantastic dinner!  I will critique tomorrow for you because I know you are ALL on the edge of your seats!

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