Thursday, March 10, 2011

3 Days In A Row and I'm On A Roll!

Hi again! 

So I'm considering going to do a little light grocery shopping this weekend so that I can avoid another catastrophe.  Granted I will still probably have to venture out to that far far away grocery store for a few items every now and then, but I'd rather not do another big shopping trip.

So I think I am going to head to Chelsea Market this weekend and see what I can find.  I'm especially excited about the Fruit/Produce market there called The Manhattan Fruit Exchange.

Here's the website for you to check out: Chelsea Market!!

I was reading over some information, like what time they are open and if they even open on Sundays in the FAQ section when I came across this little tidbit that made me giggle:

"Can I bring my dogs, cats, goldfish, donkeys, penguin, turtle, sugar glider, tarantula, or pony into the market?"

First of all.  In case you can't tell by the ever-changing Icon on this here blog, I LOVE penguins and would give my right big toe (more important appendage than you would expect) to have a PET penguin!

What also made me laugh is that probably, at some point, someone has requested that each of these animals be granted access.  It would in no way surprise me.

Last weekend when I went to Tasti Delight (ew. gross.  not even CLOSE to Red Mango, and I must now locate a new... location... because my Red Mango closed down.  This is perhaps a blessing in disguise because it was right by my gym, and thus counteracted all of my hard work.  But Still.  Heartbreaking.) this woman absolutely walked into the place with her dog.  Like.  Into a place that serves food.  And thought nothing of it.  THEY HAD TO ASK HER TO LEAVE!  She thought that by assuring them that she would be quick it would be acceptable to bring the dog in.  New Yorkers are a bit crazy sometimes.  I love puppies as much as the next girl.  But seriously?  Maybe if you know you're going to a place that serves some sort of food you should either 1) Not bring your dog with you on that particular trip or 2) call before you come to see if it's OK??  I don't know, call me crazy.  But generally people get nervous when furry creatures that walk on all 4s, have been known to munch on their own poop and only bathe maybe once a month if their owner is REALLY on top of things start walking all over a public place where they are supposed to be eating. 

Anyway.  New York is very much so a small dog friendly city.  As long as the dog fits in your purse or a carry-on bag you can take them on the train and in cabs.  They are allowed in lots of boutiques and shops, can run around central park, and there are a number of stores dedicated to their health, comfort, and beauty. 

But not restaurants.  And that's just common sense.  And that question made me laugh for this reason, too.

So anyway, I'll be there either Saturday or Sunday this week.  I am scheduled to go to the gym on Saturday and I think that both working out AND grocery shopping in the same day might actually put me over the edge.

(I just spent like 30 minutes trying to find the exact clip that I thought of after typing that sentence.  It is a F*R*I*E*N*D*S episode from Season 5 called "The One With The Inappropriate Sister" and it's literally the opening scene where Ross is super bored and has done all kinds of errands already that day because he's unemployed.  Joey tells him he needs to learn to space things out.  YOU YouTube it if you want to see it.  I'm just frustrated now.)

(Also, as you get to know me, everything can be related to either F*R*I*E*N*D*S or Family Guy.  Just to make myself feel better, here is one of my favorite Family Guy clips:


So there you have it.  If you feel like coming out to Chelsea Market on Sunday, you'll probably find me in the Fruit Market (hehe.  Fruit.  Chelsea... it's funny in an 8th grade humor kind of way...)

This is me:

Here's hoping I won't have a plastic cup of beer in my hand if you see me...

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