Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'd like to apologize...

Although it's still entertaining to read my most recent post... I was a disaster yesterday.  So I'm sorry for bringing that negative YELLING IN ALL CAPS disaster into your lives.

On a positive note, I'm much better today.  I arrived a whole minute early today.  There were no assholes on the train (that I ran into at least... I refuse to comment on the actual number of assholes living and breathing in New York City on a daily basis.), and my computer is successfully working again.  It was the monitor, as I suspected.  It's been replaced, and all is right with my tiny little 3x4 foot area of the world again.

I also made it to the gym last night.  You'll be happy to know that The Guy That Bothers Me At The Gym was standing down on the next block and thus, no avoidance tactics were necessary!  Also?  I discovered why I've almost died every SINGLE time I've been on the elliptical in the last month and a half or so!  Because I am an IDIOT and just continue going like I'm invincible or something.  <~~  So not the case.

Hi, if you eat lunch at 12:30 or 1, and then you get to the gym around 7, and try to work out for an hour and burn like 600 calories?  Without eating anything at all for like 6+ hours?  YOU'LL PROBABLY GET DIZZY AND FEEL LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO PASS OUT/PUKE.

I am college educated.

And now I'll be having a snack on gym days before I head there.  Stupid.

I have also come up with a more feasible gym schedule.  Weight and working out is stuff I've always struggled with.  Technically I've been an unhealthy weight pretty much my entire life.  I've lost a ton of weight, gained a ton of weight, started working out, stopped working out, blah blah blah every overweight person's life.  I do know that my weight/mood/general feeling is improved by working out.  I can watch what I eat, and I do eat pretty healthy.  I get good strong doses of fruits and veggies, I choose lean beef, eat lots of chicken and fish and other seafood.  And I try to space out my eating so that I have 4 small meals during the day and don't eat dinner after 8pmish.  Except that I loooove me some cheese.  And fried stuff.  And chips.  And Queso.  And pasta.  And bacon.  And cheese.  And I have a mean sweet tooth.  And did I say cheese already?  Not sure?  Then CHEEEESE. 

I get pretty annoyed at people that can actually eat that stuff and their metabolism does the work for them and you can't even tell they totally oinked out on pizza and mozzarella sticks, or lobster ravioli in a cream sauce the night before.  Because the evidence is all over my waist and hips!  BUT... if I work out on a regular basis?  And take a fat burner supplement in the mornings?  I can allow myself to eat that stuff sometimes (which really is all anybody should allow themselves because that stuff will send you right to the grave.). 

My original plan was to go to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY after work.  That way I got in 5 good workouts a week which is admirable.  Also?  If I had to plan something, I was still getting 4 in, and now that I have this grown up, big girl job I can go on the weekends to make up for a missed work out!  YAY!

Except.... no.  Just.  No.  I am not a gym rat.  5 days in a row is crazy!  And really not good for what I'm trying to accomplish.  Plus?  It's daunting!  I am so exhausted just thinking about going to the gym EVERY DAY that I don't even look forward to it.  I'll go, hop on the elliptical machine of doom for 30 minutes, and call it a day.  And that's not really going to do much.  Even if I can get an hour in, just elliptical isn't good.  I need to get some free weights in there, maybe some medicine ball, maybe a class every once in a while?  I have to change it up to get results. 

So the new plan is this.  I will go every other day.  So I went yesterday.  I'll go Thursday and Saturday this week, then next week will be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday week and we'll continue that way.  This means I will get my butt out of the house and to the gym once every weekend, I won't have to lug my gym bag to work with me every day (Dudes.  It costs the same if not MORE than the monthly membership fee to rent a locker at my gym.  WHAAAT??  That's just silly.), and it should get me back to enjoying the gym. 

So all in all, kids... it has been a much improved 24 hours!  Thanks for listening yesterday!  I would say you didn't have a choice, but... you came!  You read it!  You totally had a choice!  So thanks for that!

Finally, I'd like to send a great big Happy Birthday out to my Dad who is super old and my little brother Scott who turned 18 on Monday!!  Not to make myself sound old, but I totally remember getting the phone call from my dad that Scott was born... and I still have a picture of me holding that 11 pound newborn chunker!  (Seriously not even kidding.  11 pounds.  HUGE.  But really freakin cute.  He's much taller and leaner now.  Like.  Has a solid 8 inches on me.  Blah.)  So happy birthday all! 

I'm going home :)  Because it's not a gym day :)

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