Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I got tipsy on the train ride home... and Charlie Sheen is a "Winner".

So I went home this weekend!  It was fabulous!  I made my train with no problems at all out of New York.  I settled into my seat, and then started talking to a girl about her wedding.

I saw she had a ring on and was reading a bridal magazine.  That was my cue to ask if she had a wedding planner with the explicit plan to forward my career and business.... except that she did have a wedding planner and so we just chatted.  She was nice.  I hope she has a nice wedding...  If YOU are getting married (or throwing any other type of party or event) you should probably check out www.eventsbyconnie.com... like nowish.  :)

Anyway, I got to Hershey, and I had something to eat and went to bed early (for me...), and woke up late.  I got to have French Toast in the morning, and... Dun dun DUN....  I found the pretty paper!

I know!

No.  I KNOW!

I didn't think it was possible either!  It's not the exact pattern that I wanted.  It's more paisley, but it's absolutely perfect!  So please be expecting a how-to-decoupage post happening soon!  I found the paper at a little scrapbooking store at the Hershey Outlets.  I also now want to create myself, and everyone I've ever known, a scrapbook.  But anyway, super successful!

Also... I found a video tape that I made of my Nanny and Papa when I was in high school.  I had to do a history project and interview someone that had lived through an important part of history.  My Grandparents had been born in the 1920s, had grown up during the Depression, and my Papa fought in World War II.  I have their whole lives up until 2002 documented, and it is such a prized possession.  But in all the moving from city to city, I couldn't remember where I had kept it.  Something told me that I had it at my mom's house, but she assured me she had checked everywhere and couldn't find it.  It became REALLY important for me to find it, since Nanny died in December this year.  I wanted to make DVDs of the tape for the whole family to have.  So I was having a bit of a conniption over not being able to find it.

We were going through some plastic bins underneath my sister's bed... and there it was!  It's one of those mini VHS tapes that were used in video cameras for... like... a year I think.  I want to find somewhere to convert it to DVD, but this is my ONLY copy of this REALLY important tape, so I need it to be some place reputable.  If you have any ideas, PLEASE PLEASE share them with me.  I want to do this as quickly as possible. 

Also?  I ... GULP... drove.  For the first time in almost 2 years.  And I was fiiiiiiiiiiine... I drove to the grocery store and my dad's house.  I was just all over the place!

This is the view from where I was sitting.  Make no comment about how short I appear behind the steering wheel.  It was the camera...

Anyway, beyond those pretty big success stories, the weekend was just really relaxing.  And then the trip home... it was glorious! 

First, the train was absolutely packed.  Generally you can grab your own double seat on the train.  No, there really wasn't that option this time.  So I settled in with a woman who was sleeping soundly, and not snoring.  She didn't smell, so I figured this would be fine.  I sat down, and opened a book I brought with me.  I noticed some movement and glanced over at the woman just in time to notice she had stuck her hand down the front of her pants in her sleep.  AAAAAAAAAAND I NEED A DRINK.

It's blurry because the tracks got suddenly very rough.  But not rough enough for me to not have that "single serving" of Woodbridge Cabernet!  The guy even threw in a snack for free!  That's where the excitement over the snack ends.  The crackers were fine, and came with what claimed to be a cheddar cheese spread.  There was also dried fruit bits (I ate the dried grapes.  Raisins.  Because they were the least nasty.)  And then I couldn't bring myself to eat the raspberry shortbread cookies.  But that's fine because that all would have messed with my buzz!

In Philadelphia, the woman I was sharing my seat with / totally disgusted by got off.  (The train, sicko!  She got off the train!  UGH.)  I figured this was a pretty good time to hook up another "single serving" of wine.  Now, let me advise... a "single serving" of wine is not ACTUALLY a single serving.  It's at least a glass and a half.  Add that to not eating the snack and Connie is tipsy after "single serving" number 2! 

I said that this was Amtrak's version of the red solo cup... because I was a PARTY of one, kids!  

So it was a successful weekend at home.  I watched the Oscars which were... okay.  James and Anne were young and inexperienced.  I don't know that they are as bad as a lot of the reviews are saying.  But they were definitely not great.  I loved The Kings Speech and really thought it deserved everything it won.  Colin Firth's acceptance speech for Best Actor was adorable, just as he is.  I liked Sandra Bullock's presenting.  Justin Timberlake is a goon.  Kirk Douglas is hilarious! Scarlot Johanneson looked a hot mess.  And I love, Love, LOVED Melissa Leo's dress. 

And I've been bombarded with Charlie Sheen.

I've never really liked Charlie.  He seems skeezy and immoral to me.  And I really struggle with people in positions of influence being either of those things.  Funny how most seem to be, though.  I get that actors are generally eccentric, and that Charlie will probably be a legend in his own right.  But it's gone too far.

I watched his TMZ interview today.  Then I watched a few snippets from other interviews.  I came to the conclusion years ago that Charlie isn't really acting on Two And A Half Men.  He's just living out his actual life on screen.  It takes no talent on his part, and yet he still can't deliver a line and his actions look jerky and unnatural.  Well, I guess he IS jerky and unnatural in real life too, so... maybe that really is the way it's supposed to be.  Yikes!

The interview, honestly, scared me a little bit.  It wasn't an act. It wasn't a show that Charlie was putting on for the cameras.  It was Charlie Sheen, 100% true to himself.  He honestly believes that he doesn't have a problem, that he really can just stop all of this whenever he wants, but that he's just not in the mood to stop.  He doesn't FEEL like it.  He truly believes that everyone wants to be him, and mentions repeatedly his huge house, the "Goddesses" that he lives with (a porn star and a model), and his expensive toys.  He thinks he's living a dream life, which he describes as grandiose, and that people that criticize him are jealous of him.  When asked about his kids wanting to experiment with everything he has, he says he has no problem with them drinking at the house and trying certain things, but he would never allow cocaine because it's a no-win drug.  And that he did it for the stories, and he has enough stories for everyone.  His kids don't need their own stories.

He also commented that the reason Michael Jackson is dead is because he abused prescription drugs, and didn't read the directions.  He felt that if Michael Jackson had read the directions and followed them properly there would have been no issue. 

Quick Question:  How many baggies of cocaine have YOU seen with a warning label and a set of instructions in 3 languages included with purchase?  What rules are you following, Charlie, to ensure you don't end up in the same situation?  And by the way, Michael had a doctor (obviously not a good one, but he had one he thought he could trust) administering the drugs.  Do YOU have a doctor administering your various drugs of choice, Charlie? 

He refused to say that his actions could be dangerous.  I bet that chick that was tied up in the closet at the hotel feels a little differently about that...

Charlie is a walking contradiction.  He will not speak poorly of certain people while they aren't in his presence, saying that he doesn't "roll people like that".  But then others he has no issue beating into the ground with insults.  Charlie truly believes he is the leader and protector of the entire Two And A Half Men cast, and says that they are being paid for 4 of the 8 canceled shows because of his actions to make that happen.  He takes on this selfless persona saying that he will not rest until they are paid for all 8, and he's worried about himself getting paid last.  He said that he can't buy multiple homes in his neighborhood because they cut out these episodes.  Homes he was buying for his family so they could all grow up together in this "beautiful gated community".  Um.  Cult, much?

He says that comments he has made about being an Adonis and having tigers blood coursing through his veins are entertaining.  He won't say it isn't all true, but it is entertaining.  Okey dokey. 

And the Goddesses.  O for the LOVE, the Goddesses.  Charlie is so excited about the fact that he has 2 20-something girls living in his house he can hardly stand himself.  In one interview, he is asked what he thinks of the people criticizing him, and his response is something along the lines of "what kind of cars do they drive and how many girls do they have at their houses?  Yes... I said girls..." with a smug little smile across his face.  He trusts these girls with the upbringing of his children on a daily basis.

While Charlie said many times that everyone's opinion in the house was considered, that his way was the best.  As he has a good 22 years on anyone in the house, he clearly knows best.  And as long as everyone follows his plan, everyone will be happy.  Doesn't sound much like a democracy to me.  He also kept using this "scoreboard" and "winning" metaphor.  I don't know... apparently Charlie is a winner and the rest of us are losing or something... I don't know.

The most shocking thing about the entire interview was when Charlie said he was 45 years old. 45?!  Honestly, I thought Charlie was rounding 60!  He looks awful!  His dad looks like he's in better shape than Charlie!  I haven't seen Martin Sheen in a while, so I expected him to pop up on screen all haggard looking.  Not the case at all!  Basically, Charlie's family can only pray for him and support him, because he's not going to listen.  He's not going to change.

I think this scared me because so many of the things that Charlie said...... I can't believe I'm even thinking this... but they remind me of the DJ.  And if I wasn't nervous enough about his recent actions since moving out and "dealing" with our break-up, this scares me a lot more.

The DJ drinks.  Not just on the weekends, or a glass of wine with dinner.  He drinks.  Pretty heavily.  Friends have told him he drinks too much, but too many people enjoy the crazy, drunk DJ.  And so he's encouraged to keep it up.  He has, on more than 1 occasion, made comments about how all of his married friends WISH they could be him.  He boasts about his big expensive toys (TVs, Cars, etc.), and dreams of being famous one day so he can do whatever he wants.  (For example, he feels that Michael Vick was justified holding the dog fights on his property because it's his property.  And he owned the dogs, so they were his property too.  So he should be able to do anything he wanted.  And if people were going to say it was wrong to hurt the dogs, that then dogs should be treated as human beings and be eligible for tax write offs.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.   And this is coming from a guy that owns this little piece of my heart...)

The DJ has avoided most people that actually give him a dose of reality since leaving New York.  Instead he surrounds himself with people that party a lot, don't know him well, and are willing to put out.  He has no job, yet buys expensive new TVs, and brags about it to his friends.  He honestly believes he is living a fabulous life, and calls his dad's house (where he is currently living in the basement) the "Frat House". 

I can't describe how scared I am that the DJ could be Charlie Sheen in a few years.  I could see him going on benders, and living dangerously, thinking he has everything under control and that people are just jealous of his lifestyle... a lifestyle they can't achieve.  Until one day it comes crashing down.  I feel like the world is just watching Charlie Sheen die.  I really don't want that to be the DJ...

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