Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whoops no title... ah well...

This post will be much more upbeat and no less self serving than the last :) 

Apparently people only like to send me pictures that make me look like a drunken fool, wait for me to share with the ENTIRE interweb, and THEN send me the pictures where I look human and actually a little bit... wait for it.... good?  Of course, if I had the wherewithal to take pictures myself on special occasions then I could use my own discretion when choosing pictures, but again... drunken fool = unable to take photos.  So I'm dealing with it, in my own way.

And that way is, of course, to add an addendum to the Birthweek post, and include these photos:

These were from the first night and.... hey wait... who's that guy?? Oh that's CHARLIE in the second picture!  Yes, Charlie who was mentioned but not actually pictured in the first post does actually exist (unlike either of our upper lips) and was wonderful!  He also has a strong affinity to white shirts and shoes, and has luck wearing them without getting them messy unlike anyone I've ever met.  Notice that I wear dark colors.  Just a little insight there.

The top picture is of Gia and Dwayne... Gia who doesn't like to be pictured but whose birthday it was and, damnit, it was happening!  Dwayne looks pretty thrilled about that, too.  And don't let Dwayne fool you, that plate had been full of nachos that he ate ALL BY HIMSELF... kind of.

This is the only picture I have of these two together and it's adorable!  I like that they wanted the world to know that they are Improving, non-stop... much like the MTA of NYC.  Except that the MTA is lying, and I'm not sure there's much improving to be done to these two.  We are on our way to Soho where Charlie got squealy and excited and loved it!

Alice, Natalie and Me.. by the way, I'm not wearing lipstick.  I have no idea where that lovely color on my lips appeared from but I am SO OK with it!

Gia (got her again!) and Miranda

Me and Michael and Natalie looking on adoringly...

Me and Natalie

Ohhh Taraaaa....
So these are all from Saturday.  Now, granted, I still look like a hot mess in some of these.  But the ones at the top aren't so bad!  And it was my birthday, people!  Responsibility be damned, I'm having a good time!  The guy in the last picture behind Tara and me seems to be pretty amused, so at least we weren't THOSE drunk people...  But just to reiterate, I had a really fantastic birthday thanks to these people and the very patient bartenders!
Although there were lots of people I wish I could have seen that weekend that I didn't, one thing that was definitely missing was a morning after snuggle with this lovely lady...

I was talking to another DJ friend of the DJ's who I have hung out with too many times to count.  His name is DJ Drew/DJ Mutt (depending on when you met him), and people in the DC area, or that frequent Union Jack's in Bethesda, MD would probably know him.  Anyway, is it bad that I was considering retracting my decision to not visit the DJ, so that I could see Maggie and DJ Drew?  Because I totally considered it for like 3 days.  And then promptly talked myself out of it, as nothing good can come from 1) visiting or 2) using the DJ to get to see other people.  Maybe I can convince Gia to go up to Bethesda with me when I visit.  That would probably be a better idea, right? 
Anyway, that should be it for birthweek photos... I think... 

I'll have you know that my week is steadily improving.  Last night I went to the gym and am officially back on that bandwagon... FOR GOOD.  Please stop mocking me... it's hard!  But fo real, yo.  It's the end of March and I am light years away from being happy with what I see in the mirror.  So something's gotta give.  Like seriously. 

OK!  So I'm off to pick-up my very first big-girl, real-life, totally legit paycheck and then to get something healthy and delish for lunch!  Enjoy the rest of your day!

P.S. This is a public apology to Lyss for being so... not present... over the last week or two on here, causing her to waste precious minutes checking for a post that was just not there.  I'm back.... like the future, yo.

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