Friday, March 18, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Train Has Left the Station!

I'm not sure which of you lit the fire under my butt, but thanks for that! 

All this talk about how I am getting nothing done made me realize that... YIKES!... everybody is coming tomorrow (which is now TODAY!) and I better get myself together! 

People.  PEOPLE!  I have no idea how I got all of this stuff done.  I must have tripped up the time/space continuum or something!  Let me recap, because I know you are DYING to know.

I got home and headed to a couple of local shops in Long Island City to check out potential gifts for Gia AGAIN and found lots of cute ideas, but of course over thought and rejected each one.  Whatever. 

Went to the E&I and became perplexed as to dinner.  I really didn't want to eat cake.  That doesn't work well with my fitness plan.  (Cue Kanye West's Workout Plan).  Finally, after considering pretty much every item in the store (including honey and a jar of peanut butter AND jelly in one jar together), I said to myself:

"Connie.  You have 14 gajillion things to do tonight. GET A SAMMICH AND BE DONE WITH IT ALREADY!"

And so I did.  I went home, ate dinner (a little too quickly...) and even declined a chat with Friend Mike.  Dudes.  I was on a mission. 

I got the laundry together and walked it down to the 'mat.  Started everything and went back home.  That's right!  I abandoned my prized NYC Cart and laundry bags in the laundromat!  I will take this moment to remind you that it was, in fact, NYC's favorite holiday yesterday and everybody was out drinking.  NOT doing laundry like the loser I am.  Only the guy that worked at the laundromat was in there.  And my guess is that he's not likely to steal my stuff. 

I head home, load the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters and clean the bathroom.  I head back to the laundromat where the clothes are not quite done cycling. 

So I call mom.  I catch up with her while I'm putting the clothes in the drier.  I carry home the clothes that I need to hang dry and put them on the drying rack.  Then I clean EVERY PIECE of hardwood in my house.  I dust. 

I head back to the laundromat.  I fold my clothes and head home.  I put all of my clothes away immediately.  This... I just don't understand.  That has NEVER happened before!  Usually they sit in the laundry bag for at least a day or two.  Nope.  All put away within about 5 or 10 minutes.

Now it's time for Jersey Shore.  I grab the paperwork that needs to be filed from the kitchen and settle in on the couch.  As I'm watching Sammy and Ronnie play the love/hate game, and Mike the Situation cling desperately to his relevance on the show, I sort through the paperwork.  I am so not kidding about those papers sitting around for a year.  Seriously.  There were pay stubs from February 2010.  GAH!  I kill myself.  I file all of this away. 

I decide to start back on the dresser drawers. 



Not only did I get the last 2 dresser drawers decoupaged... I did the night stand drawers too!!  They now look like a completed set, even though I'm not done!  But seriously, just in time for my guests to "oooh!"  and "aahhh!" over this weekend!

Do you see that?!  Granted it was 1:30 in the morning before the drawers were dry and I could put the handles back on and put the clothes back in them and go to bed.  But I got everything done that I had wanted to all week long in one night!  I'm so impressed with myself, not to toot my own horn!

Now today was a little tough getting up.  But my spirit seriously improved when I realized that I didn't have to put on a jacket to leave my house today!  That is my definition of a perfect day!  NO JACKET!  IN MARCH! EEEEEEEEEEE!!

Gia arrived around 12:30 and we had lunch and sat outside WITHOUT JACKETS!! She brought cupcakes.  From Crumbs.  There's red velvet involved.  People.  This is also not in my diet plan.  But... I must.  AND THEN NEXT WEEK FOR REAL FOR REAL I AM GYMING AND DIETING AND FAT BURNER SUPPLEMENTING.

But tonight, we celebrate!  We'll be at the Half King in  Chelsea, so please stop by and say hello!  We'll be the loud drunk group in the booth by the bar with the Reserved sign on it!  You'll know us when you see us!

But until Monday when I will recap this fantastically exciting weekend, I leave you with this:  The explanation for my laziness:

It's all Puka's fault!  How am I supposed to get anything done with all that cuteness sitting directly on top of a year's worth of pay stubs?!

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